Research Activities


Ph. D. Research

Following Ph. D. research is going on in the department of Food Processing Technology

Sl. No.

Names of Students

Research Topic


Mr. Himjyoti Dutta

Study of changes in properties of a few Assam rice varieties with different amylose contents with difference in parboiling process conditions.


Mr. Anjan Borah
Development of extrusion cooked ready-to-eat breakfast cereals having 
health promoting effects and characterization of the properties


Mr. Dibyakanta Seth

Spray dried misti dahi powder: process technology, improvement in textural properties and viability of bacterial cells


Mr. Dipankar Kalita

Development of probiotic fruit beverages


Mr. Nandan Sit

Characterization of starch and optimization of starch extraction process from Colocassia and Yam using enzymes

6 Mr. Arup Jyoti Das

Study on key ingredients and identification of the microbes involved in the process of

rice beer production in Assam

7 Ms. Prerna Khawas

Studies on biochemical attributes, drying and processing of culinary banana kachkal

(Musa ABB) of Assam

8 Mr. Jayabrata Saha

Studies on the effects of processing on the extraction of proteins of some green

leafy vegetables of Assam

9 Ms. Kanwaki Patwari

Study on the preparation and functional properties ofrapeseed protein isolate/concentrate and its chemically modified form

10 Ms. Manashi Das Purkayastha
Study of the physicochemical, techno- and biofunctional properties of  peptides 
from enzymatically hydrolysed napin protein in rapeseed (Brassica campestris) meal


Ms. Sangeeta Saikia

Study of bioactive components in processed fruits and vegetables

12 Mr. Laxmikant Shivnath Badwaik Processing and packaging of various edible bamboo shoot species grown in Assam
13 Mr. Watharkar Ritesh Balaso Yet to be finalized
14 Mr. Nikhil Kumar Mahnot
Yet to be finalized