Dr. Manuj Kumar Hazarika

Associate Professor & Head

Dept. of Food Engineering & Technology,

Tezpur University, Tezpur, Assam.


Contact no.: 03712-267007/8/9 (Extn. 5701/6)

E-mail ID : mkhazarika@tezu.ernet.in, mkhazarika@gmail.com



M. Tech in Dairy and Food Engineering

Ph. D. form IIT Kharagpur



  1. Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Principle Investigator, Rural Technology Centre, NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Reader and Head in charge, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Assam University Silchar.
  4. Associate Professor, Department of Food Processing Technology, Tezpur University


Research work:

Technology development for fruits and vegetables products, Sponsored by KVIC Mumbai.

Drying characteristics of foods during thin layer and deep bed drying, PhD work.

Guided 10 B. Tech. Processes in different areas of food processing and preservation


Areas of interest:

Food process modeling, product technology development, Transport Processes in Food Engineering, Refrigeration in Food Preservation, Dairy Engineering.



Recipient of University Gold Medal, JNKVV (1993), recipient of National Scholarship, NEC Scholarship, GATE Schoarship.



Organized a Workshop on "Agricultural Engineering Inputs for Development of the NE Region" at the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Assam University, December, 2008.


Attended and Presented papers in:

1.      Conference on Emerging Technologies in Agricultural Engineering, held at IIT Kharagpur, December 2004.

2.      Conference of Research Scholars & Young Scientists in Chemical Engineering, CRSYS-2004, IIT Kharagpur, Sep. 25-27, 2004.

3.      International Workshop and Symposiym in Industrial Drying (IWSID) 2004, UICT, Mumbai, December 2004.

4.      Asia Pacific Drying Conference, CMERI, Kolkata, December 2005.


Students supervised:

Ph.D (Guiding):3

M.Tech.: 11






Development of technology for quick cooking rice production through up gradation of a traditional method. 3 years duration. Funded by AICTE. 16.50 Lakhs sanctioned.

Development and fabrication of small capacity paddy parboiling system with process completion indicator (2 years). Funded by MSME. 5.50 Lakhs sanctioned.




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