department of Environmental Science

Environmental Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Water and Soil Pollution, Hydro-geochemistry, Remediation of Toxic Substances, Air Pollution and Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Geomorphology, Regional Climate, Forest Ecology, Wildlife and Bio-diversity Conservation, Stress Physiology and Biochemistry, Vermiculture, Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Management, Hydrogeochemistry, Groundwater Modeling, Contaminant Transport, Heavy Metal Speciation, Isotope Fingerprinting, Soil and Water Pollution, Atmospheric Processes, Air and Noise pollution Monitoring and modelling , Environmental System Modelling, Urban Climate, Environmental Pollution, Climate Change: Vulnerability and Adaptation: Carbon Sequestration, Greenhouse gases management.



Dr. K. K. Baruah, Professor Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Dr. K. P. Sarma, Professor Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Pollution, Remediation of Toxic Substances
Dr. R. R. Hoque, Associate Professor Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Air Pollution
Dr. A. K. Das, Associate Professor Geomorphology
Dr. A. L. Devi, Assistant Professor Forest Ecology (Population Ecology an Regeneration Ecology), Conservation of Biological Diversity
Dr. N. Gogoi, Assistant Professor Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Dr. S.S.Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor Vermiculture,  Plant Nutrition & Soil Fertility Management
Dr. M. Kumar, Assistant Professor

Hydrogeochemical Processes, Groundwater modeling,
Urban hydrology, contaminant transport, Heavy metal speciation;
Isotope fingerprinting, Sil and water pollution

Dr. S. Mitra

Natural Resources Management, Livelihood Enhancement, Watershed management, Agro-ecosystem management, Climate change: Vulnerability and Adaptation at community level; Greenhouse gases management

Dr. A. Prakash Atmospheric Processes, Air and Noise Pollution Monitoring and Modeling, Environmental System Modeling. Urban Climate