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Head: Dr. A. Devi
Office Phone: 5600

Telephone numbers need to be prefixed with +91 3712 27.
Emails need to be suffixed with

Name and Research Area Contact

Prof. K.K. Baruah

Plant physiology & biochemistry                        Recent Publications
Field of research Interest:  Green House  Gas emission & mitigation,

Stress Physiology & Biochemistry and Carbon sequestration

E-mail:     kkbaruah,

Phone: 5604

Prof. K.P. Sarma

Environmental chemistry
Interests: Environmental pollution & remediation,
Waste management and Instrumentation

E-mail:    sarmakp

Phone: 5606

Dr. R. R. Hoque

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Interests: Air pollution, VOC, NOx & Ozone chemistry,
Environmental Law and Environmental issues

E-mail:    rrh

Phone: 5607


Dr. A.K. Das

Interests: Riverine hazards, landforms,
Socio-environmental issues

Email: apurba

Phone: 5605

Associate  Professor

Dr. A. Devi

Forest ecology
Interests: Human being - biodiversity
interface and Conservation

E-mail: kh_asha

Phone: 5608

Assistant  Professor

Dr. N. Gogoi

Plant Physiology & Biochemistry
Interest: Stress Physiology & GHG emission from Agricultural Sector. 

E-mail: nirmali

Phone: 5609


Dr. S.S. Bhattacharya

Vermiculture, Plant Nutrition & Soil Fertility Management  
Interest: Waste Management & Biopesticidal Application     

E-mail: satya72

Phone: 5610

Link to SABE Lab

Dr. S. Handique


E-mail: sumihan

Phone: 5611

Dr. A. Prakash

Atmospheric Processes; Air and Noise pollution monitoring and modelling; Environmental System modelling; Urban Climate.


E-mail: ap

Phone: 5616

Dr. Nayanmoni Gogoi

Ecosystem functions (hydrochemistry and geochemistry), wetland productivity, nanotechnology in environmental research, pollution indexing, geostatistics

E-mail: nayanmoni,

Phone :5614

Dr. Santa Kalita

Pollution biology and health; Plant-insect interactions; Role of plant extracts in controlling insect pests

E-mail: santa


Phone : 5617

Dr. P. Deka

Environmental pollution -air, water and soil; Human-environment interactions

E-mail: pratibha

Phone : 5612