Research Projects

Ongoing (Rs 568.03 lakhs)

Development of high temperature fuel cells, DST, 35.0 lakhs, 2018-2022, D Singdeo (PI)
Upgradation of lab and library facilities of the Department of Energy, 50 lakhs, 2017-18, D Deka (PI)
One-pot synthesis of Nitrogen and Sulphur co-doped biomass derived graphene based cathode catalyst for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells, SERB-DST, 36.0 lakhs, 2016-19, B K Kakati (PI)

Indo-Brazil International Collaborative Research Project Integrated Biorefinery Approach towards production of sustainable fuel and chemicals from  Algal biobased systems, DBT, 100.46 lakhs, 2016-19, D Deka (PI)

Synthesis of novel dual doped biomass derived graphene based Oxygen Reduction Reaction catalyst for potential application in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells. UGC, 6.00 lakhs, 2016-18, B K Kakati (PI)

Indo-Hungary International Collaborative Research Project Biochemicals and biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass by Green catalyticprocesses. DST, 34.42 lakhs, 2016-19, D Deka (PI)

Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise Systems, DST-RCUK, 198 lakhs, 2013-18, D C Baruah (PI), S Mahapatra (Co-PI)

INDIA-UK Center for education and Research in clean energy(IUCERCE), DST, 74.50 lakhs, 2017-18, N Sarmah (PI)

Bioenergy from waste: exploring the multiplier benefits to poor communities of medium-scale technology innervations, HEFCE Newton fund, 30.65 lakhs; 2017-18, D C Baruah (PI)
Enhancing Food Security in Rural India, EPSRC, 3.00 lakhs, 2017-18, D C Baruah (PI)


Production of biochar from various bio-wastes and its soil application for sustainable soil  management and mitigation of GHG emission, UGC, 12.96 lakhs, 2013-17, R Kataki (PI)
Development of a test setup for solar thermal collector with air as working fluid and design a  microcontroller-based mechanism for controlling the collector output, ASTEC, 1.25 lakhs, 2014-17, P. K. Choudhury (PI)
Development and validation of a spectrum dependence integrated optical-thermal-electrical model to evaluate the performance of high concentrating photovoltaic module, UGC, 6 lakhs, 2015-17, N Sarmah (PI)
Instrumented solar hot air generator (ISHAG) for optimum thermal load in tea processing, DST, 28.54 lakhs, 2012-2016, D C Baruah (PI)
Optimizing phosphate recovery from community bio-energy system: low cost sustainable  fertilizer production for rural community, UGC-UKIERI Indo-UK, 15.72 lakhs, 2013-2015, D C Baruah (PI)
Assessment and analysis of plant oil feedstock available in North-east India for biodiesel  production, UGC, 9.25 lakhs, 2011-2014, D Deka (PI)
Development of a fuel efficient all purpose biomass cook stove, ASTEC, 1.75 lakhs, 2014-16, D C Baruah (PI)

Utilization of Bio-energy By-product for value addition and nutrient enhancement,  EPSRC  Indo-UK, 4.39 lakhs, 2012-2013, D C Baruah (PI)

Synthesis of platform biofuels from Renewable sources using acid modified supported ionic  liquid  catalysts,  DST ( Indo-Finland), 34.61 lakhs, 2011-14, D Deka (PI)

Strengthening Networking on Biomass Research and Bio-waste conversion - Biotechnology for  Europe India Integration (SAHYOG), Indo-EU, 44.79 lakhs, 2012-15, R Kataki (PI)

Capacity building for mitigation of climate change using precision agriculture, APN, 4.3 lakhs, 2014-15, DC Baruah (Co-PI)

Agro-Climatic Zone Based Mapping of Renewable Energy Resources in Assam, DST, 18.0 lakhs, 2008-11, D C Baruah (PI)