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Curriculum Vitae

Sadhan Mahapatra is currently working as an Associate Professor in Department of Energy, Tezpur University. He has obtained M.Sc in Physics from Visva-Bharati, Shantiniketan, M.Tech in Energy Science and Technology from Jadavpur University, Calcutta and PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The area of the PhD work is in the field of Biomass Gasification. He is teaching Solar Energy; Wind and Hydro Energy; Energy Management & Conservation; Energy Efficient Buildings. His research interests are in the areas of Biomass gasification, Climate responsive buildings, Energy conservation, Decentralized energy systems and Photovoltaic systems. He has published more than 50 papers in International Journals and Conference Proceedings. He is member of International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Institution of Engineers, Indian Science Congress etc and Reviewer of many International Journals like Energy, Buildings and Environment, Solar Energy, Energy and Buildings, Energy for Sustainable Development, Journal of Cleaner Production, Energy Policy, RSC Advances, Energy and Environmental Science, Sustainable Cities and Society  etc.





MSc Visva Bharati Physics First
MTech Jadavpur Energy Sc. & Tech. First (Gold Medal)
PhD Indian Institute of Science

Biomass Gasification



Department of Energy, Tezpur University, India

1997 - 2002
Lecturer (Sr. Scale) 2002 - 2006
Assistant Professor 2006 -2010
Associate Professor 2010-


Course Title

Renewable Energy Resources and Systems PG
Solar Energy Utilization PG
Solar Photovoltaic Energy Conversion PG
Wind and Hydro Energy PG
Energy Management and Auditing PG
Decentralized Energy Generation Systems PG
Energy Efficient Buildings PG
Energy and Environment PG

Research Areas

A. Biomass Gasification

Gasification, a sub-stoichiometric combustion process, converts solid fuel to gaseous fuel. Unlike in combustion, where the primary intention is to release all the energy as sensible heat, in the case of gasification, the energy of solid fuel transferred to combustible gaseous species. The entire process occurs under fuel rich conditions. In the case of a packed bed, depending upon the air flow rate, propagation flame front moves into the virgin fuel. The propagation rate, which is influenced by air flow, combustion and heat transfer, depends on the fuel properties like size, density, thermal conductivity, moisture content, ash content and calorific value. Our work focuses on the experiments and numerical analysis towards establishing the effect of air mass flux on the propagation rate, bed temperature, gas composition and related aspects under the sub-stoichiometric operating conditions in downdraft packed bed configuration. It is important to state that the combustion processes occurring in a packed bed are a resultant of both homogenous and heterogeneous reaction process. Depending upon the air flow rate for a given volume and surface area of the bed, the overall process varies between gasification (rich) and combustion (lean) regimes. The broad areas in this field are establishment of the operating regime of downdraft gasification system, production of hydrogen generation and electricity generation by using biomass gasification systems etc.

B. Climate Responsive Buildings and Thermal comfort

Climate responsive building design is a concept that integrates the micro-climate and architecture with human thermal comfort conditions. This concept takes into account the solar passive techniques, micro-climatic conditions and thermal comfort conditions that improve the building energy efficiency. Thermal comfort not only makes the occupants comfortable but also decides the energy consumption in the building. However, vernacular architecture of North-Eastern India which perfectly represents the principle of climate-oriented architecture still lacks experimental validation and quantitative analysis.  Our study starts with climatic classification of entire northeast region into three bioclimatic zones (warm and humid, cool and humid and cold and cloudy), thermal performance analysis of the vernacular buildings of the region. Since, it is not possible to monitor all the buildings due to limited accessibility; so predictive formula has been developed to predict the indoor temperature of these buildings. This study also focused to develop adaptive thermal comfort models and energy performance analysis the buildings of different climatic zones.   

C. Decentralized Energy Systems

Access to Energy to every household is a great challenge in India. Low load factors, long distribution lines, low load densities and associated high transmission and distribution losses make many of the rural electrification programme economically unattractive. During grid availability, the supply is found to be erratic and poor quality.  This calls for the need of decentralized power systems, which can cater to local communities in  much effective manner. Apart from providing better quality of life to rural communities, it could have significant effect in the livelihood of the rural economy. Harnessing energy from solar photovoltaic and biomass gasification route could be the most promising towards access to electricity.  The electricity generation through photovoltaic and biomass gasification process has been successfully demonstrated both at village community level and large scale independent power producer. Decentralized power system is the most viable option for isolated sites that are located far off from the existing grid supply.  This would involve accelerating the overall development of the under developed areas with a number of programs like entrepreneurship development and  employment generation opportunities. Hybrid energy systems (PV, biomass gasification etc.) can also integrate with grid based electricity to make the system cost effective and reliable.

D. Photovoltaic Systems

National Solar Energy Mission has an ambitious target of 100 GW Solar Power by the year 2022. This translate large number of PV power plants installations in the country. Different module technologies performance at various climatic zones within India differs due to the variation in solar radiation spectrum and ambient temperature. Our work primarily focused on the module performance in different climatic zones in the country, suitability of types of module technology for different locations, dust effect on the module power output, mismatch losses due to the shading of the cells or modules and simulation based performance evaluation of large grid connected power plants.



Scopus Details   h-index : 15, Highest citations : 80; Total citations : 724

Google Scholar h-index : 17, Highest citations : 134; Total citations : 1144

International Journal

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International Conference Proceeding

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Popular article

  1. Singh M K. Mahapatra S. The Energy Perspective of Bioclimatic Buildings in North-East India. Energy Manager : A quarterly magazine of Society for Energy Engineers and Managers (SEEM). Jan-March 2009. 2(1); ISSN 0974-0996, pp. 34-41

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Roof top, Grid connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant at University Campus

Concept, planning, design, Government approval, PPA with developer, performance analysis by using PVSyst Simulation tool, execution support towards installation of the project.  First of its kind in the entire North Eastern Region, to have MW-scale PV power plant in any academic institution. The project will saves annual approximately Rs 60 lakhs in the electricity bill of the University and CO2 emission mitigation of 1300 MT.

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