M.Tech. Thesis


Some studies on heat transfer  and pressure drop characteristics of air cooled heat exchanger  2001
Simulation and modeling of wind electric water pump 2001
Synfuel from coal : An alternative source of natural crude 2001
A study on pollutions generated due to oil field operation in Oil India Limited, Duliajan  2001
Thermal energy balance of woody biomass gasifier at variable loads 2001
Energy Conservation in Induction Motors 2001
A study of thermal performance of a cavity wall  2001
Variation of consumption of fuel with variation of electrical load in gasifier system 2001
Preliminary energy audit report on tea processing unit: Sonabeel tea estate, Assam 2001
Thermal performance evaluation of Helix changer 2001
A study of feasibility of converting the organic solid waste generated by restaurants under Tezpur municipal area to fuel 2002
Energy conservation in domestic rice cooking 2002
Spray deposition and analysis of interface structure of CdS/CdTe thin film 2002
Enviro-friendly charcoal production from biomass in biomass gasifier 2002
Preparation and characterization of nano-carbon for super capacitor development 2002
Energy consumption study and scope for conservation in building and foundry industries 2002
Testing and performance analysis of a double layer multi bladed bamboo fan 2002
Village electrification using SPV system in lieu of Electric grid extension 2002
Estimation and comparison of Weibull frequency distribution by different methods and wind power related studies 2002
Single stage anaerobic digestion of market vegetable wastes 2002
Energy conservation opportunities in Biscuit Industries 2003
Design, fabrication and Testing of a Small Wind Electric Generator  2004
Performance evaluation of a side-fired Steam Reformer of NRL 2004
Development of Design Guidelines for Energy Efficient Buildings in North Eastern Region 2004
Study on Grassroot Innovations in Energy Conservation  2004
Experimental Studies on Combustible Fuel block strategy for Cooking including Barbecuing  2004
Chemical analysis and production of Charcoal from different bamboo species of NE India 2004
Ipomoea as a source of Bio-energy : Development of Ipomoea Charcoal Briquette 2004
Energy Conservation approaches in Paper mills 2004
Field Investigations on Energy Conservation Opportunities in Selected Industries  2004
Peak Demand management through Cool Thermal Energy Storage 2004
Preparation and Characterization of Electrocatalysts for low temperature Fuel Cells 2004
Field investigation on energy conservation opportunities in Coal based captive power plant 2005
Defect localization using vibration analysis 2005
A catalytic study of stem reforming of ethanol for PEM fuel cells 2005
Performance evaluation of turbo charger for producer gas operation 2005
Energy conservation opportunities in some of the industrial equipments 2005
Technical investigations and analysis of energy performance of a cement plant 2005
Development of layer transferred thin film Silicon solar cell 2005
Energy Auditing in sugar and paper industries 2006
Development of New Electrolyte material for solid oxide fuel cell 2006
Emission and performance of straight vegetable oils (jatrapha and karanga) in a single cylinder direct injection compression ignition engine 2006
Energy management in dairy industry 2006
Field investigation on energy conservation opportunities in various electrical and thermal utilities. 2006
Optimization of photocatalytic detoxification.process of water and its application to crude oil contaminated soil. 2006
Energy conservation opportunities in commercial buildings 2006
Fabrication and studies of Mn doped ZnO based diluted magnetic semiconductor 2006
Development of advance composite bipolar plate for photon exchange membrane (PEM) Fuel cell


Study of stem, condensate and chilled water distribution system transmission efficiency in chemical plants 2007
Analysis of technological and management issues for energy conservation in commercial sectors 2007
Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and application in phenolic resin based composites 2007
Energy conservation opportunities in Sugar Industries and Commercial Buildings 2007
Development of New Solar Air Heater with evacuated tubes and further considerations 2008
Study of renewable energy application on brick manufacturing based on existing pattern of energy utilization 2008
Synthesis and characterization of Ferrite nanoparticles for energy application 2008
Design and development of a renewable energy based tea dryer 2008
Development of a low density and low cost composite polar plate for photon exchange membrane fuel cell 2008
Assessment of energy saving potentiality in some selected industrial and commercial units 2008
Design and development of a liquid fuel combustion chambers using porous ceramic inserts 2008
Hydrogen production by photocatalytic degradation  of  water an alternative source of energy 2008
Analysis of three phase self excited induction generator 2008