Computerized Diesel engine test rig

Diesel engine test rig with computerized data monitoring & processing using engine soft: Performance tests using bio-diesel blends become easier. The engine is equipped with data acquisition systems for all inputs, outputs, temperatures at key locations and speed.  Such measurements are possible for each degree of crank rotation. The system has both auto control and manual control modes of operating parameters.


Duel fuel engine test rig

Single cylinder engine with provision of performance testing for liquid and gaseous fuel. Facilitates simultaneous measurements of load, speed, fuel and air consumption.


Hydro-power generating system

A closed circuit electrical-hydro-mechanical-electrical system with provisions for measurement /adjustment of flow, pressure and loads (mechanical & electrical) enabled complete understanding of hydro electrical power generation. The system has Pelton turbine and head and discharge is simulated using a centrifugal pump.


Gasifier laboratory

Complete understaning of biomass gasification, utilization and analysis is possible through three independent Gasifier units and associated acessories. The major acessories are biomass cutter, Gas analysers, Junker gas Calorimeter, diesel engine generators with loading provision. The laboratory also has Junker gas Calorimeter which enabled determination of calorific value of gas.


Biodiesel production unit

Biodiesel production from oil bearing seeds are possible using modular units comprising (i) oil extraction, (ii) oil filtration, (iii) oil testing for suitability, (iv) oil transesterification, (v) biodiesel separation & glycerol recovery and (vi) biodiesel cleaning & drying units.  Visual inspection of the processes even during chemical rection period is possible.


GIS laboratory & AWS

The analysis of renewable energy resourcses and spatial energy planning are performed through Arc-GIS 9.2 software in GIS laboratory. Series of satellite images (LISS III ) relevant to study area have been procuered from National Remote Sensing Centre and used for spatial analysis. Automatic acquisation and recording of solar intensity, wind velocity, temperatre and RH data are going on through Automatic Weather Station installed by the Department at Tezpur University Campus.