PhD (28)  
Name Thesis Title


Dhanapati Deka Fuelwood Characteristics of Some Indigenous Tree Species of Assam


Rupam Kataki Studies on carbonization of some indigenous tree species of North-East India


Arvind Kumar Singh Modelling, Simulation & Performance Analysis of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor 2006
Anil Kumar Sharma Biodiesel Production from Mesua ferrea L. (Nahar) and Pongamia glabra Vent. (Koroch) seed oil 2006
Pallabee Choudhury Solution of Certain two-dimensional Inverse Problems in Potential Theory and their Application in Exploration Geophysics. 2006

B C  Kusre

Assessment of Water Resource and Energy Potential in Kopili River Basin using Modeling Technique.


Tapan Kumar Gogoi Numerical Simulation and Exergy Analysis of CI Engine Operations using Biodiesel blends 2011
P J Lahakar Thermal Performance parameters of Solar cookers: A study leading to generalization 2012
B N Sahoo Effect of formation water disposal on ground water in the Oilfields of Dibrugarh and Tinsukia Districts of Assam 2012
Prasenjit Saikia Indoor Air Pollution from Firewood combustion in Rural Kitchens of North East India with special reference to Sonitpur District, Assam 2012
Samrat Pal Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes from Plant based precursors and their application in Organic Photovoltaic cells and Bio-diesel storage 2012
Moumita Chakraborty Production, Characterization and Testing of Bio-diesel from Terminalia belerica R. and Sapindus mukorossi G. Oil seeds available in North East India 2012
Ranjith G Nair Mixed Phase Titania based Visible Active Photo-catalyst for Solar Energy Applications 2013
Jutika Boro Development of heterogeneous catalysts from biomass for bio-diesel production 2013
Diganta Hatibaruah Investigation of Microwave assisted hot air drying  behavior  of CTC Tea (Camellia assamica) 2014
Partha Pratim Dutta Prospects of Renewable Energy Thermal Energy in Black Tea Processing in Assam: An Investigation for Energy Resources and Technology 2014
Lakhya Jyoti Konwar

Development of Renewable Heterogeneous Catalysts for Production of Liquid Biofuels

Rahul Singh Chutia

Thermo-chemical conversion of Bio-energy Bi-products to Bio-oil and Bio-materials

Pitambar Sedai Fuelwood Characteristics of Some Indigenous Tree Species of Arunachal Pradesh 2015
Moonmoon Hiloidhari Decentralized Renewable Energy Generation From Rice Straw Residue in Sonitpur District of Assam, India: A Study on Resource Assessment and Potential Greenhouse Gas Emission 2015
Plaban Bora Formulations of micro-emulsion based hybrid bio-fuels from non-edible vegetable oil using nonionic surface active agents 2015
Biju Mani Rajbongshi Synthesis Characterization and Engineering of Novel Visible Active Metal Oxide Photoactive Material for Solar Photo catalysis Applications 2016
Arvind Kumar Hoof Type Lug Cage Wheel for Traction Improvement in Wetland 2016
Anjalu Ramchiary Development of Structure-Engineered Mono/Biphasic Nanoscale Photocatalyst systems and Investigation of their Solar Photocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen generation 2017
Ranjana Verma Metal Oxide Based Visible Active Home/Hetro Nanocomposite Photocatalysis for Solar Energy Applications 2017
Sampriti Kataki Assessment of Bio-Energy byproducts (Anerobic Digestate and Biochar) as Potential Crop Production Inputs 2017
Pradyumna Kumar Choudhury Development of a Semi-empirical Model for Performance Assessment of Solar Air Heater 2017
Neon Jyoti Bordoloi Pyrolytic Conversion of Bio-waste and Algal Biomass 2018