Energy is the essence of human existence and a catalyst for the economic development of a country. The need for energy is increasing at a very fast rate in the developing countries in comparison with the developed countries. The existing reserves of conventional resources are likely to be scarce resources and also uses of these resources have a negative impact on the environment. Hence, it is the time to look ahead and work in the right direction to use the present sources judiciously, find out viable alternatives and also need to protect our environment for the next generation. This is also a transition period of fuel substitution, in which the emphasis is to supplement the carbon fuel to non-carbon ones so as to prolong the existing stock of the former, that too without the environmental degradation.

Department of Energy started in 1996, with an aim to produce manpower pool in the field of energy, develop new and efficient energy conversion technologies, R & D and extension activities in diverse areas of energy. The department offers a two-year (four semesters) AICTE approved MTech programme in Energy Technology, PhD in energy related areas and Post Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energy and Energy Management (Distance mode). The thrust areas of research are Biomass energy, Solar energy, Hydro-energy, Energy-Environment interaction and Energy Conservation and Management. Apart from the teaching and research, department also organize training programmes, workshops and seminars in the relevant areas of energy.


To emerge as a centre of excellence in education, research and innovation for the changing world.


Department of Energy
Tezpur University
Napaam, Sonitpur, Assam 784 028, India