Tezpur University

Department of Electrical Engineering

विज्ञानं यज्ञं तनुते

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Program outcomes (POs)

Program outcomes (POs) of the B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering at School of Engineering, Tezpur University are as follows

  1. The graduates will demonstrate knowledge and concepts of Applied Sciences and Electrical Engineering.
  2. The graduates will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve problems related to Engineering mathematics through Laplace, z-transform, linear algebra, differential equations etc..
  3. The graduates will develop an ability to design, perform, analyze and interpret experiments on Network/Circuit Theory.
  4. The graduates will have knowledge and exposure on different Electric Machines, Power Electronic circuits and drives for industrial applications.
  5. The graduates will have excellent knowledge in transmission and distribution systems, power system analysis and protection systems to pursue a career in the power sector.
  6. The graduates will be able to develop mathematical modeling, analysis and design of control systems and associated instrumentation for Electrical Engineering.
  7. The graduates will be able to design and build renewable energy systems for developing clean energy and sustainable smart technologies.
  8. The graduates will exhibit skills to use contemporary Measurement & Instrumentation tools like power quality analyzer, digital storage oscilloscope, multimeters and calibrators.
  9. The graduates will display an ability to design and implement analog and digital system on Integrated Development Environment.
  10. The graduates will have a fine knowhow of microprocessors, microcontrollers, data structures, computer programming.
  11. The graduates will exhibit skills for using Software’s like MATLAB, Labview, PSCAD, P-Sim for Design and Analysis purposes.
  12. The graduates will have good competency for admission to post graduate programs (in allied domain), management degree programs and also for competitive examinations of various organizations of national and international repute like GATE, CAT, GRE and other PSU exams.
  13. The graduates will exhibit the knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities (value education, interpersonal and managerial skills).
  14. The graduates will be able to demonstrate effectively both verbal and written communication skills.
  15. The graduates will develop confidence and an attitude towards lifelong learning.