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Department of Electrical Engineering

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Welcome to Department of Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering department started in 2014 under the School of Engineering with the B.TECH program. The prime motive of the department is to impart quality education, training and research at the undergraduate level in forefront areas of Electrical Engineering and its allied technologies. The Department currently offers B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering. This programme aims at producing engineers with sound basic and applied knowledge in electrical engineering.

Department plans to expand its teaching and research infrastructure, enhance its industrial and research collaboration, and implement modern techniques for training to realize the above goal.

The key areas of faculty expertise of the department include Power System Engineering, Power Electronics, Nonlinear Analysis-Theory, Methods & Applications, Control Systems, Fractional Order Chaotic Systems, Converter and Inverter Topologies, Sensor Technologies, Smart Grid Technologies and Policy Design, Distributed Generation Based System Optimization, Renewable Energy Management, Bio-electronics and Neuro Engineering.


To emerge as a center of academic excellence by imparting quality technical knowledge and executing research activities in frontier areas of electrical engineering to produce engineers that are competent to take key roles in Industry and Academia.


The mission of Electrical Engineering department is:

  1. To produce electrical engineers that has strong theoretical foundation, good practical experience and exposure to research and development.
  2. To impart quality education, training and research at the undergraduate level in all the areas of Electrical Engineering.
  3. To create nurturing environment for young minds by involving the students in individual and team projects for solving innovative problems in the applied fronts of Electrical engineering.
  4. To inculcate Team Spirit, ethical conduct and strong practical base among its students to equip them with the professional knowhow for succeeding to challenges of changing global environment.
  5. To be a center for innovation and technological Research & Development in frontier areas of electrical engineering.
  6. To update our technological knowledge base and curriculum as per the changing trends in the Industry and research innovations.