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              Department of Education

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Academic Qualification: M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., UGC-NET (Education), Ph.D. in Education
Present Position : Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Tezpur University
Area of Specialization: Pedagogy of Social Science, ICT in Education, Teacher Education Measurement and Evaluation.

Previous Experience (Teaching & Research)

  • Assistant Professor in Education, Regional Institute of Education (RIE), NCERT, Bhubaneswar (July 2013- Sep 2014).
  • PGT Economics in Prabhujee English Medium School, Bhubaneswar (March 2013- July 2013.
  • Survey Associate in Educational Survey Division, NCERT, New Delhi (Sep.2010 to Dec. 2012) under the project “National Achievement Survey under SSA”.
  • Project Assistant in Reading Development cell, NCERT, New Delhi (2009-2010) under the project “Early Literacy Program under SSA”.

Project Fellow in Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), (NCERT) (2008- 2009) under the following Project Entitled:
  • Evaluation of EduSat videoconferencing programs organized by CIET, NCERT for orientation of teachers towards new textbooks.
  • Critical analysis of news channels coverage of educational issues.
  • Effects of storytelling on reading comprehension, vocabulary development of primary school children through audio lesson.

Selected Publications in National/International Journal

  1. Pallai, P. Impact of children literature on literacy development of primary school children’s, International journal of current research, August, 2015
  2. Pallai, P. A Qualitative Study on Effectiveness of Different Modes of Teacher Orientation Programme, Education India Journal: A Quarterly Refereed Journal of Dialogues on Education, ISSN 2278- 2435, Vol. 4, Issue-3, August-2015.
  3. Pallai, P. Quality and preparedness of resource persons in capacity building programmes. The Ravenshaw Journal of Educational studies, 4(1&2), 101-108. 2015.ISSN 2319-7474.
  4. Padmavathy, R., and Pallai, P. Human Rights Awareness of University Students: An Investigation, International journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, 4. (4), 2015. ISSN 2319 – 7722.
  5. Pallai, P. Placement of Questions during presentations in capacity Building Program of Teacher Educators through Videoconferencing. Journal of Advanced Studies in Education and Management, Volume 1 Number 1, 2014. Page No-1-6. ISSN 2350-0492.
  6. Pallai, P. Constructivist practices in social sciences Classroom Room: An Analysis, Prangnya journal of Social Sciences, 5. (2), 2014, Nov. ISSN No- 2229-4864.
  7. Pallai, P. Education and Satellite Communication (Edusat) in India published in Journal of Education & Research for Sustainable Development (JERSD) (An Online Quarterly International Peer-Reviewed Interdisciplinary Journal of Seven Petals Foundation) ISSN NO: 2347-3630, Volume-1, Online Issue-1, Pg No 1-12, Oct 2013.
  8. Pallai, P. Videoconferencing Programs: Issues and Suggestions in HORIZON: The Journal of Education, Vol 2, No. – 2, July, 2012.Pg. 95-101
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  14. Pal,R., Pallai,P. Training of teachers through EduSat: Some Issues and challenges published in souvenir of national seminar organized by AIAER On Teacher Education :Issues and challenges From 26th to 27 April, 2009 at Amritsar ,Pg no-72-80

Chapter in Books

  1. Pal,R., Pallai,P. Teacher Orientation programs through EDUSAT: Qualitative Inquiry of some concerns. Essentials of Educational Technology, A.P.H. Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, Pg. No.100-113.ISBN 978-93-313-2476-4.
  2. Pallai, P. Puppet in Education: A Pedagogical Initiative under Distance Learning Pedagogical Innovations in School Educations, Odisha: Shiksha Vikash Samiti. Volume V, Issue II, 2014, Nov, Page No. 93-100. ISBN- 978-81-926149-0-9.
  3. Pallai,P. Significance of Holistic Approach in Present Education, in HOLISTIC EDUCATION by alfa publication, New Delhi. ISBN NO- 978-93-83292-43-1
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Publication of Book

  1. Pal,R., and Pallai,P.2014. EDUSAT: a dedicated satellite for education: capacity building of teachers and educators: background, researches and guidelines New Delhi: Global Books Organizations.

Paper presented/participated in National/International seminar

  1. Presented a paper at the National Seminar on Students’ Perspective of Effective Teaching in Higher Education Organized by department of education, Tezpur University from 14th march to 16th march 2016.
  2. Presented a paper at the International seminar on Interrelationship Between Democracy And Education Organized by department of sociology, Tezpur University from 11th march to 13th march 2016.
  3. Presented a paper at the National seminar on Choice Based Credit System in India: A Learner Centric Approach Organised by Shiksha Vikash Samiti, Cuttack, Orissa from 7-8 November 2015.
  4. Presented a paper at the National seminar on Human Rights: Movement Towards Inclusion for the Children with Special Need Organized by department of education Raha College, Naogaon on 14 November 2015.
  5. Presented a paper at the International Seminar on Value Education: A Significant Factor in the Holistic Development Process Organized by Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya, Naogaon, Assam from 9-10 October 2015.
  6. Presented a paper at the National seminar on Choice Based Credit System: A Review organized by St. Mary College, Shillong from 22-23 September 2015.
  7. Participated in a National seminar on organized by Hindi Department, Tezpur University from 29-30 August 2015.
  8. Presented a paper at the National seminar on interactive session: A comparative study between face to face Vs. distance mode of program organized by AIAER in Ravenshaw University from 27th Dec to 29th December, 2014.
  9. Presented Paper on “Role of Assessment in Teacher Education” in a National Seminar organized by Institute of Education, Haldia, West Bengal on 5th April 2014.
  10. Presented a paper titled ‘ An orientation Programme for teachers on Puppet in Education: A Pedagogical Initiative under Distance Mode” in the National seminar on Vidya Bharti and Innovations in school education, from 24-25, Nov. 2013.
  11. Presented Paper entitled “Role of technology in teacher training” in the National Seminar on Value-oriented Education organized by Rajat Girls’ Degree College, university of Lucknow, on 12th July. 2013.
  12. Presented a paper on “Placement of queries during presentation of experts in satellite based teacher orientation program” in the Annual cum Silver Jublee conference of AIAER organized by Rayat Bahra College of education, Punjab from 17th Nov- 19th Nov2012
  13. Presented a paper on “Teacher training: Issues and Challenges” in the World conference of GERA organized by Lovely Professional University Jalandhar, from 6th April – 8th April 2012.
  14. Presented a paper on EduSat videoconferencing Programs : An Qualitative Enquiry International Seminar Organized by AIAER on Learning Community for Global Education reform, November 18- 20, 2011.
  15. Participated in the National Conference on Recent Trends in Assessment at School Stage organized by the department of Educational Measurement and Evaluation (DEME), National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) from March 21-23, 2011.

Acted as Resource Person

  1. Delivered a talk, Use of ICT in School Education, at teacher training program. Don Bosco Social-Technical Institute, Tezpur, 7th February, 2015.
  2. Delivered a talk on importance of value education among students, at orientation program for teacher. Central Institute of Hindi, Regional Centre: Guwahati. 19th September, 2015.

Participated/Organized Training Program/Workshop

  1. Organized Three Day Workshop on Instructional Skills Under Teaching Learning Centre, PMMMNMTT from 28th Jan. to 30th Jan.2016.
  2. Participated in a 10 day workshop on research methodology organized by department of education from 15th Feb to 24th Feb 2016.
  3. Participated in a Induction cum Orientation Programme on Professional Qualities in Education organized by IQAC, Tezpur University from 20th to 21st April, 2015.
  4. Participated in a 10-day Course in Research Methodology in Social Sciences organized by Mass Communication and Journalism Department, Tezpur University from Nov. 24 to Dec. 3, 2014.
  5. Participated in a online course on Action Research in Education organized by CIET, NCERT, New Delhi, 2014.
  6. Participated in a 5 Day Regional Workshop for Capacity Building on Early Literacy from 8/9/14 to 12/09/14 organized by RIE BBSR.
  7. Participated in a 10 Day orientation program on Early Literacy from 21/07/14 to 30/07/14 organized by the DEE, NCERT.
  8. Participated in a Training Program on Special Needs Children at Upper Primary Level from 12/12/2013 to 18/12/2013 organized by RIE BBSR, NCERT.
  9. Participated in the workshop on Translation of Tools for the terminal achievement survey of Class VIII organized by DEME, NCERT, from 26th to 28th September, 2011.
  10. Participated in the workshop on Development of Tools for the terminal achievement survey of Class VIII organized by DEME, NCERT, from 7th to 11 January , 2011
  11. Participated in the workshop on Development of Tools for the terminal achievement survey of Class VIII organized by DEME, NCERT, from 17th to 20th January, 2011.
  12. Participated in the Workshop on Item Writing for the terminal achievement survey of Class VIII organized by DEME, NCERT, 6th to 10th December, 2010.


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