Dean Students’ Welfare

Tezpur University


Duties and Responsibilities of the Office of the Dean, Students Welfare

  • To arrange for congenial living environment in the campus including Hostels for the students
  • To monitor day to day essential support required for academic and co-curricular activities of students
  • To arrange for special care for the weaker and needy sections of students
  • To prepare plan and execute programmes for holistic development of the students
  • To nominate student representatives to various bodies of the University in consultation with elected student body
  • To enable students to participate effectively in the management of Hostels and also in organization of the students related activities
  • To advice Student Council as and when required
  • To work with the Assistant Director of Sports, Hostel Wardens, Sport Officer, Cultural Officer for all matters related to students’ Welfare
  • To arrange to depute students to participate events/programmes outside the University
  • To keep in touch with the guardians as and when required.
  • To arrange for maintenance of students’ discipline in the University.