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The cultural environment of Tezpur University is very enriching and extravagant. Every year students have shown extraordinary talents in the cultural field and added to the glory of the University. The University has also provided every possible avenue to nourish the talents of the students and have been providing a big platform to show case their talents.

University has provided immense facilities to the students under the cultural section. For performance and rehearsing there is Music Practice room at Student Activity Centre, Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha Auditorium, Community Hall, Chandra Prabha Saikiani Bhawan, Common rooms of all the hostels. In these facilities students keeps on performing and practicing as and when required.

There are around 40 different instrument procured by the University for the students. They are accessed by the students and used very fruitfully.

Many different workshops related to the cultural field are hold for the students to up lift their talents and to impart new knowledge to them.