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Ongoing Projects

Prof. A. J. Thakur, Application and Development of “NOSE” approach with special reference to Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom bond formation reactions, CSIR, 2017-2020.
Prof. R. Borah, Synthesis and characterization of task-specific ionic liquid systems for one–pot synthesis of pyrimidine derivatives, CSIR, 2017-2020.
Prof. R. K. Dutta, Decentralized water treatment for removal of arsenic, fluoride and mercury from drinking water, DST, 2017-2020.
Prof. R. K. Dutta, The Science and Technology of manuscript writing-aids and folk paintings in medival Assam, INSA, 2017-2019.
Prof. N.S. Islam, Development of Polymer supported Niobium and Tantalum Based Catalysts for Organic Oxidations under Ecologically Sustainable Reaction condition, DST-SERB, 2017-2020.
Prof. A. K. Phukan, Computational Design of Functional and Structural Mimics of the Active Site of [FeFe]- Hydrogenase, CSIR, 2017-2020.
Prof. A. K. Phukan, Chemistry of Monovalent Group 13 and Divalent Group 14 Bases: A Theoretical Study, DST-SERB, 2017-2020.
Dr. S. K. Das, Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Marine Natural Products Ammonificins A-D and their Analogs, CSIR, 2017-2020.
Dr. U. Bora, Site-Specific Functionalization of Nitrogen based Heterocyclic moieties via C-H activation, DST-SERB, 2017-2020.
Prof. R. C. Deka, Profiles in History of Science from North East India- A Delineation of One Scientist and Two Medical Institutions of the Region that Trace their Origins back to the 19th Century, INSA, 2017-2019.
Prof. R. Borah, Synthesis, characterization and investigation of physicochemical properties of specific ionic liquids (1L) based systems for evaluation of electrochemical and photocatalytic activities, DST-SERB, 2017-2020.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Functionalized graphene based nanocomposites and their electrocatalytic application applications in direct methanol fuel cell, CSIR, 2017-2020.
Prof. N. Karak, Investigation on structure- property relationship for self- healing smart hyperbranched polyurethane nanocomposite with antistatic and antimicrobial attributes, DST, 2017-2020.
Dr. B. Sarma, Multicomponent crystal technology to improve drug pharmacokinetic attributes, CSIR, 2017-2020.
Dr. P. Puzari, Identification of efficient semiconductor dopant combination for selective chemiadsorption of tea pesticides on MOS sensors, NTRF, 2016-2020.
Dr. B. Sarma, Metal Complexes of New Chiral Schiff Bases: Design, Structure Elucidation, Reactivity and Synthetic Applications, DST-SERB, 2016-2019.
Prof. T. K. Maji, Green Nanocomposite from fully renewable bio polymers: modified vegetable oil reinforced with rosin acid and keratin, DST-SERB, 2016-2019.
Dr. P. Puzari, Electrochemical study of enzyme imbedded supported bilayer lipid membranes to develop a sensor for organophosphate and organocarbamate pesticides, DST-SERB, 2016-19.
Dr. N. Gogoi, Development of Chiral Single Molecule Magnets, DST-SERB, 2016-2019.
Prof. A. K. Phukan, Homocoupling, heterocoupling and liberation of borylene ligands, DST- SERB, 2016 - 2018.
Dr. S. P. Mahanta, Design, syntheses and anion binding studies of pyrrole based cyclic pseudopetides, DST-SERB, 2015 - 2018.
Dr. B. Sarma, Control polymorph nucleation of drugs on functionalized surfaces, DST-SERB, 2015- 2018.
Dr. P. Bharali, Design of non-precious cobalt oxide based electrocatalysts, CSIR, 2015-2018.
Dr. P. Bharali, Development of hybrid catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction, DST-SERB, 2015-2018.
Dr. N. Gogoi, Development of Exchange Biased {3d-4d/5d} Assemblies: A 8rational Route Towards High T(b) Nanomagnets, CSIR, 2014-2017.
Dr. S. Pratihar, Chelation assisted benzylic C-H activation through transition metal and their potential application as catalyst, DST, 2012-2017.

Completed Projects

Prof. R. Borah, Investigation of one pot synthesis of acridine derivatives using greener approach, CSIR, 2012-2017.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Development of polymer nano composite based photovoltaic device, DIT, 2013-2016.
Dr. S. K. Das, Asymmetric Synthesis of Benzo- Annulated Oxa-Heterocycles via Lewis Acid and Transition Metal-Catalyst- Free Intramolecular Aziridine Ring-Opening, UGC, 2014-2016.
Dr. N. Gogoi, Rational Strategies to Build Nano- magnets, SERB, 2013-2016.
Dr. P. Puzari, Development of an efficient method for effective use of acetylcholinesterase biosensor for quantification of organophosphate and organocarbamate pesticide residues in produce, SERB/M OFPI, 2014- 2016.
Dr. B. Sarma, Improving Drug Properties by Co-crystal Technology, UGC- BSR, 2014- 2016.
Dr. B. Sarma, Multi-component system to modulate drug bioavailability, Tezpur Universit y, 2014- 2016
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Graphene/Graphene oxide based polymer nanocomposits and its applications as biosensor and supercapacitor, CSIR, 2012-2015.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Development of stimuli responsive hydrogels and their applications, DRDO, 2012-2015.
Prof. N. S. Islam, Preparation and characterization of peroxo-metal compounds and studies on their biological significance in cellular signaling (Collaboration with Centre for DNA Finger Printing and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad), DBT, 2012-2015.
Prof. N. Karak, Development of Multifunctional Dendritic Polymer for Injectable Bone Tissue Engineering, DBT, 2012-2015.
Prof. R. C. Deka, SSynthesis, characterization and application of novel solid base green catalysts for nucleophilic addition reactions, DST, 2012-2015.
Prof. R. Borah, Investigation of one pot synthesis of acridine derivatives using greener approach, CSIR, 2012-2016.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Development of Polymer supported Ziegler-Natta Catalyst for Propylene polymerization in slurry process, CSIR, 2010-2013.
Prof. N. S. Islam, Preparation and Studies on Polymer Anchored Transition Metal Compounds. Towards Development of Bio-relevant Complexes and Active Oxidation Catalysts, DST, 2010-2013.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Development of Polymer supported Ziegler-Natta Catalyst for Propylene polymerization in slurry process, CSIR, 2007-2010.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Preparation of colloidal particles, DST, 2007-2010.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Development of core-shell Latex Particles using Super Critical Fluid (SCF) as polymerization Medium, NRB, 2005-2008.
Prof. R. K. Dutta, Integrated Arsenic and Iron removal from contaminated groundwater , DST, 2008-2011.
Prof. R. K. Dutta, Laboratory study of fluoride removal from groundwater using acid-enhanced limestone defluoridation technique, DST, 2008-2011.
Prof. N. Karak, Development of epoxy clay nanocomposites, DRDO, 2007-2010
Prof. N. Karak, Development of thermosetting polymer/clay nanocomposites, DST, 2007-2010.
Prof. R. C. Deka, Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Novel Solid Base Green Catalysts for Nucleophilic Addition Reactions, DST, 2009-2012.
Prof. R. C. Deka, Computational studies of bare and zeolite-supported palladium nanoclusters and their application in catalysis, DST, 2009-2012.
Prof. Ruli Borah, Microwave assisted Prins reaction using ionic liquid as reaction medium, CSIR, 2007-2010.
Prof. A. J. Thakur, Studies towards the synthesis of annelated pyrimidine derivatives via hetreo Diels-Alder methodology as the key step., DST, 2007-2010.
Prof. A. J. Thakur, Radical cyclisation methodology in the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles., CSIR, 2007-2010.
Prof. A. K. Phukan, Theoretical investigation of olefin polymerization and organometallic chemical vapor deposition, DST, 2007-2010.
Prof. N. S. Islam, Peroxo complexes of chromium and vanadium. Synthesis, characterization and Reactivity studies, CSIR, 1999-2002.
Prof. R. K. Dutta, Use pf plant materials for rapid removal of Fe and Mn from ground water., DRDO, 2001-2003.
Prof. R. K. Dutta, Removal of Arsenic from contaminated groundwater by adsorption on iron oxide templated on low cost materials , DRDO, 2004-2007.
Prof. R. K. Dutta, Study on micro-emulsion,micro-structure by partition Equilibrium method, CSIR, 2001-2004.
Prof. R. C. Deka, Structure-property relationship of zeolite catalysts: A Computer modeling approach, DST, 2002-2005.
Prof. T.K Maji, Development of controlled release mosquito repellant, DRDO, 2002-2005.
Prof. N. Karak, Development of polymers for multi-functional from vegetable oils, Nahar oil., UGC, 2003-2006.
Prof. N. Karak, Developemnt of dendritic polymer viz. polyesters, polyeseramides, polyurethane ,polymer additives, CSIR, 2003-2006.
Prof. N. S Islam, Synthesis and studies on heteroligend peroxo and polymer immobilized peroxo complexes of some transition metals., DST, 2003-2006.
Prof. R. K. Dutta, Technique for removal of Arsenic by adsorption on iron oxide embedded on low cost material., DRDO, 2004-2006.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, P, Development of core-shell latex by emulsion polymerization using SCF as polymerizing medium., Naval Research Board, 2005-2007.
Prof. S. K. Dolui, Studies on interaction of - conjugated polymer and quantum dot and its application in electroemulsion and photovoltaic devices., DRDO, 2005-2008.

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