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1. 400 MHz NMR spectrophotometer, Jeol

2. Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, Hitachi, Model F 2500

3. GCMS, PerkinElmer

4. Polarizing Microscope, Olympus, M B201

5. CHN Analyzer, Model PR 2400 Series II Perkin Elmer (FIST Funded)

6. Compression Molding Machine

7. Universal Testing Machine, 10 KN Zwick

8. Rheometer, Bohlin Instruments

9. Thermal Analyzer,(Model TGA-50 & DSC-60, Shimadzu (FIST Funded)

10. FTIR spectrophotometer, Model: Nicolet Impact I-410

11. UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Hitachi, U-2001, Shimadzu, UV-2550 Model Carry 100 Bio

12. Cyclic Voltammeter

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