Highlights of Teaching and Research Activities

              Teaching about nineteen years for different courses of M. Sc. in Polymer Science (1997-2011), M. Tech. in Polymer Science and Technology (2012-till date), M. Sc. in Nanoscience (2006-2013) and Ph. D. programs (1997-till date)

              One hundred and eighty three research publications in the journals of International (174) and national (09) repute with high impact factors. Several research papers are cited in various text/reference books (about 2857 citations; h-index = 28, i10-index=86, Courtesy: Google scholar, as on 15th April, 2016).

              Five books and five chapters in edited books published (two more including encyclopaedia chapters are in the process of publication).

              Hyperbranched epoxy thermosets and their nanocomposites with carbon dots and its nanohybrids as outstanding tough materials with photocatalytic attribute

              Bio-based biodegradable high performance tough hyperbranched polyurethanes and their nanocomposites for multifaceted applications including self-healing, self-cleaning smart materials

              Biodegradable, biocompatible advanced polymers and their utility for multifaceted applications including biomedical

              Innovative hyperbranched tough epoxy with low dielectric and extremely high adhesive strength

              Innovative biocompatible and biodegradable antibacterial hyperbranched tough epoxy with high adhesive strength as a bio-sealant

              Bio-based biodegradable hyperbranched polyesters and their nanocomposites as advanced (including antimicrobial) surface coating and paint binder materials

              Bio-based biodegradable hyperbranched poly(ester amide) and its nanocomposites as antistatic advanced coating materials

              Bio-based biodegradable epoxidized oil, epoxy resins and their nanocomposites as reactive diluents and advanced surface coating materials

              Petroleum based hyperbranched polyethers and polyamines for multipurpose polymeric additives

              Biodegradable polymer supported nanomaterials immobilized bioactive molecules with enhanced activity, recyclability, storage stability and industrial applicability

              Strong background in polymer synthesis, characterization and properties evaluation (Utilizing NMR, SEM, FTIR, UTM, TGA, DSC, Two Roll Mill, Bravender plastic order, Rheometer, Compression press, etc. instruments/tools )

              Computer skills: Windows, ChemDraw, Power point, Origin and Microsoft Excel

              Creative and energetic team player with experience in collaborative research and supervising post graduate/Ph.D. students


Administrative Experience

          Head of Sophisticated and Analytical Instrumental Center (SAIC), Tezpur University, April 2015-till date

          Head of the Department, Chemical Sciences Department, Tezpur University, September , 2010 to August, 2013

          Member of Research Committee of Tezpur University, Tezpur since April, 2010 to March 2016

          Chief Coordinator of 11th Convocation of Tezpur University, 2012-2013

          Executive Research Council Member of DRL (DRDO), Tezpur since 2013

          Course Designer for M. Tech. in Polymer Science and Technology

          Coordinator, UGC-NET, December 2013, Tezpur University Center.

          Member of Academic Council, Tezpur University from April, 2009 to till date.

          Member of School Board of Studies of School of Sciences, Tezpur University from September , 2010 to August, 2013

          Chairman of Board of Studies of Chemical Sciences Department, Tezpur University, Tezpur from September , 2010 to August, 2013

          Chairman of Departmental Research Committee of Chemical Sciences Department, Tezpur University, Tezpur from September , 2010 to August, 2013

          Chairman of Departmental Purchase Committee of Chemical Sciences Department, Tezpur University, Tezpur from September , 2010 to August, 2013

          Chairman of Tezpur University Entrance Examination, 2009-2010

          Dean in-charge of School of Sciences, since 2010 (as & when required)

          Coordinator of Venue committee of 10th Convocation of Tezpur University, 2011-2012

          Member of modifying committee of syllabus of Polymer Science specialization in Applied Chemistry Course

          In-charge for project and training for M. Tech. program

          External member of departmental doctoral committee (DRC) for different departments of Tezpur University

          Member of Counselling for any academic problem of the students of Tezpur University

          Expert member for selections of faculty, technical staff, project staff, etc. for various Departments of Tezpur University

          Expert member of selection committee of DRDO (technical staff, DRL, Tezpur), New Delhi

          External examiner of various Institutions like NEHU, IIT Kharagpur, Madras University, Calcutta University, Utkal University, IIT BHU, NCL Pune, etc.

          External member of question setter for other Universities.