Experienced, resourceful and well-published teaching and research professional with expertise in Polymer Science and Technology: synthesis and characterization, polymer nanocomposites, surface coatings, hyperbranched polymers, rubber compounding and Technology, flame retardant polymers, multipurpose polymeric additives and roles to affect creative solutions to a broad range of research problems in the above fields. Experienced and knowledgeable research professional in the area of development of advanced polymers and nanomaterials with special emphasis on biodegradable, biocompatible advanced polymers obtained through the dictates of green chemistry and green technology to meet the challenges of today’s society.


Academic Qualifications

·       M. Sc. (Organic Chemistry, 1992), IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, 721302.

·       M. Tech. (Rubber Tech., 1994), IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, 721302.

·       Ph. D. (Polymer Sci. & Tech., 1998), IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, 721302.

(Title of Thesis: Antimony containing polymers, special reference to flame retardant behaviour)

Positions Held

·       Management Trainee (Technical), Birla Tyres [1994-1995]

·       Lecturer, Tezpur University [1997-2001]

·       Lecturer (Sr. Scale), Tezpur University [2001-2004]

·       Reader/Associate Professor, Tezpur University [2004-2009]

·       Professor*, Tezpur University [2009-present]

*Head of the Department (2010-2013)

*Head, SAIC, Tezpur University (2015-present)

Additional Qualifications/Industrial Experience

·       M. Sc., IIT Kharagpur, 1992

Topic of Research: Oxidative polymerization of aryl amines

·       M. Tech., Dunlop I. Ltd/ IIT Kharagpur, 1993

Topic of Research: Tyre tread compounds with special reference to hardness

·       Senior Research Fellow (Ph. D.), IIT Kharagpur, 1995-1997

Topic of Research: Development of antimony polymers

·       Post Doctoral Fellow, KAIST (South Korea), 2001

Topic of Research: Speciality polymers

·       Visiting Professor, KU (South Korea),  2007

Topic of Research: Polyurethane carbon nanotube nanocomposites

·       Guest Researcher, IPF (Germany), 2008

Topic of Research: Hyperbranched polyurethane-Ag nanocomposites