Projects offered for M.Tech-3, Autumn Semester 2017


Sl No Guide Name Project Title / Topic
1 Dr. Swarnajyoti Patra Hyperspectral image analysis using attribute profiles
2 Dr. Swarnajyoti Patra Feature selection using rough sets
3 Dr. Swarnajyoti Patra Spectral-spatial active learning technique
4 Mr. Nabajyoti Medhi Anti-spoofing, anti-DDoS and IP trace-back mechanisms using SDN
5 Mr. Nabajyoti Medhi Scalable SDN controller design for large scale networks
6 Dr. Arindam Karmakar Algorithms, Geometry and Optimization
7 Dr. Arindam Karmakar Algorithms, Geometry and Optimization
8 Dr. S S Satapathy DNA sequence analysis
9 Dr. S S Satapathy Biological network analysis
10 Ms. Shobhanjana Kalita Computer Vision
11 Mrs. Sanghamitra Nath Dialect identification
12 Dr. Debojit Boro Dynamic resource pool allocation to survive DDoS attacks.
13 Dr. Bhabesh Nath Discretization of continuous values with multi-modal distribution.
14 Mr. S.I.Singh Educational Data Mining
15 Prof. D K Bhattacharyya Network Security: IoT enabled secure system
16 Prof. D K Bhattacharyya Bioinformatics: Parallel Biclustering
17 Dr. Rosy Sarmah Bioinformatics in disease diagnosis Data Mining in image analysis
18 Dr. Sarat Saharia Feature extraction from video for gait/dynamic gesture analysis/recognition
19 Dr. Sarat Saharia Handwritten Character recognition
20 Dr. Sanjib K Deka Channel switching minimized throughput optimization for CRN
21 Dr. Sanjib K Deka Multi-channel cooperative spectrum sensing scheduling in CRN
22 Prof. D K Saikia Multi-controller implementation of SDN
23 Prof. D K Saikia MAC parameter tuning in IEEE 802.15.4
24 Prof. N Sarma Resource allocation problems in cognitive radio networks
25 Prof. N Sarma Privacy Preserving Authentication/Attribute-based Encryption in Cloud service
26 Prof. N Sarma QoS provisioning in SDN-based networks
27 Prof. B Borah Image Processing
28 Prof. B Borah Text mining
29 Dr. Sanjib K Deka Wavelength assignment for Elastic Optical Network
30 Prof. U Sharma Machine Translation involving a resource poor NE language
31 Prof. U Sharma Computational syntax for Assamese