Projects offered for MCA-5, Autumn Semester 2017


Sl No Guide Name Project Title / Topic
1 Dr. Swarnajyoti Patra Object based remote sensing image analysis
2 Dr. Swarnajyoti Patra image segmentation
3 Dr. Arindam Karmakar Algorithms, Geometry and Optimization
4 Dr. S S Satapathy Developing CBBI Lab web-portal
5 Ms. Shobhanjana Kalita Java application
6 Ms. Shobhanjana Kalita Java application
7 Dr. Debasish Das Online Grade entry system using Oracle/Node JS (or PHP)
8 Dr. Debasish Das Online Students' Information system using Oracle/Node JS (or PHP)
9 Mrs. Sanghamitra Nath A TTS for Nalbaria
10 Dr. Debojit Boro An implementation and throughput analysis of dynamic IP address table.
11 Dr. Bhabesh Nath Anonymous Online Feedback collection system(Summarizing and analyzing) Using PhP and Mysql :2 students
12 Dr. Bhabesh Nath Academic Project Information System(From 1996 onwards) (Using Php and Mysql) : 2 students
13 Mr. S.I.Singh Educational Data Mining : 1 student
14 Prof. D K Bhattacharyya Smart city application development using IoT
15 Prof. D K Bhattacharyya Deep learning in cancer data classification
16 Dr. Rosy Sarmah Biometric authentication system
17 Dr. Sarat Saharia Digital archiving/Document Management System/Enterprise content Management system: 2 students
18 Dr. Sarat Saharia Feature extraction from video for gait/dynamic gesture analysis/recognition: 2 students
19 Dr. Sarat Saharia Handwritten Character recognition: 2 students
20 Dr. Sanjib K Deka IoT application
21 Prof. N Sarma Information System for the Dept : 2 students
22 Prof. U Sharma Implementation of information system from an ER model
23 Prof. U Sharma Natural language query for a database.