Projects offered for B.Tech-7, Autumn Semester 2017


Sl No Guide Name Project Title / Topic
1 Dr. Swarnajyoti Patra Image processing using morphological attributes.
2 Dr. Swarnajyoti Patra Object based remote sensing image analysis.
3 Mr. Nabajyoti Medhi Semantic social networking site
4 Mr. Nabajyoti Medhi Location based auto-blogger app
5 Dr. Arindam Karmakar Algorithms, Geometry and Optimization
6 Dr. Arindam Karmakar Algorithms, Geometry and Optimization
7 Dr. S S Satapathy Developing web based tools for DNA Sequence analysis
8 Ms. Shobhanjana Kalita Graph Theory Application
10 Ms. Shobhanjana Kalita Computer Graphics Application
11 Mrs. Sanghamitra Nath A Tool for Voice Conversion
12 Dr. Debojit Boro Remote surveillance using IoT
13 Dr. Bhabesh Nath Online system for conducting concurrent multiple examinations (using Php and mysql) : 3 students
14 Dr. Bhabesh Nath IoT based project
15 Mr. S.I.Singh Web services : 2 students
16 Prof. D K Bhattacharyya Smart city application development using IoT
17 Prof. D K Bhattacharyya Network module extraction on GPU
18 Dr. Rosy Sarmah Biometric authentication system
19 Dr. Sarat Saharia Digital archiving/Document Management System/Enterprise content Management system: 2 students
20 Dr. Sarat Saharia Feature extraction from video for gait/dynamic gesture analysis/recognition: 2 students
21 Dr. Sarat Saharia Handwritten Character recognition: 2 students
22 Dr. Sanjib K Deka SoE examination System
23 Prof. D K Saikia SDN based traffic engineering
24 Prof. D K Saikia Simulation and performance study of Data Center Network Topologies.
25 Prof. N Sarma Resource allocation problems in cognitive radio networks : 2-3 student
26 Prof. N Sarma QoS provisioning in SDN-based networks : 2-3 student
27 Dr. Sanjib K Deka MAC layer sensing scheduling protocol for multi-hop CRN
28 Prof. U Sharma Analysis of social media text exchanges
29 Prof. U Sharma Text-to-speech conversion