About The Department


The department of Civil Engineering of the Tezpur University was established in the year 2009 under the School of Engineering with a BTech programme. PhD progamme was initiated in winter, 2010. The department aims to provide quality educational, research and professional experiences that enable our graduates to become leaders in their professional careers, to pursue excellence in research, and to serve the profession, community and nation, and to be competitive in the international scene.




Vision of the Department


Continuous movement towards perfection in learning and teaching, and realizing their outcomes through creation of the best human resources in civil engineering and the most appropriate technologies in the discipline.




Mission of the Department


To stay in the forefront of knowledge in the disciplines of Civil Engineering.


To produce excellent human resources in civil engineering through high quality teaching and research programmes.


To be a major contributor for the technological and social development of the country in general and the North-eastern India in particular. 


To be a significant contributor to the advancement of knowledge in the civil engineering and allied disciplines through research and development, and by grooming future researchers.


To promote application of green technology in different areas of Civil Engineering.




Programme Educational Objectives


1.  To produce civil engineering graduates competent to work successfully in civil engineering and allied projects, capable of all types of engineering works including design, supervision of works, and project management.


2.  To develop core competency in the civil engineering under-graduates to formulate, analyze and solve civil engineering and allied problems using the principles of mathematics and science and applying basic engineering tools.


3.  To train the civil engineering under-graduates to understand the origin, working principles, and outcomes of civil engineering and allied projects from parts to whole, in terms of technology, economy, social aspects and environmental aspects.


4.  To encourage inquisitiveness and innovation in the graduates and to motivate them for lifelong learning and further advanced studies or research in civil engineering and allied disciplines.


5.  To instill confidence, professional responsibilities and ethical sense in the under-graduates so that they can take significant and leading roles for development of enterprise and betterment of society.




Programme Outcomes


a.  Graduates become able to apply knowledge of science, mathematics and basic engineering principles to analyse individual components of civil engineering systems


b.  Graduates become able to design components of civil engineering systems using rigorous methods and standard codes of practice


c.  Graduates become able to visualize a complete civil engineering system, isolate it to various components, determine the interactions among various components or with the environment, understand the behaviors of each component and the system, and after designing, integrate each component to obtain the whole system


d.  Graduates become able to conduct experiments, observe and interpret the results


e.  Graduates develop self-learning, independent thinking and creative thinking capabilities


f.  Graduates learn basic techno-economic and techno-legal aspects of engineering projects, and preliminary aspects of project management


g. Graduates understand the importance of non-engineering environment and professional ethics, and acquire the confidence to interact with the external factors


h.  Graduates can use computing and IT tools to improve efficiency and accuracy.


i.  Graduates develop appropriate skills of written, oral and visual communications to disseminate their works.


j.  Graduates become able to work in teams, both as a member and as a leader, appreciates participatory roles, develops skills in inter-personal dealings.

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  Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering Tezpur University, Napaam, Sonitpur 784028,  Assam, India