Computing Facilities

  Matlab and Simulink R2011b

Matlab and Simulink R2011b: MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran.

  Plaxis 2D

Plaxis 2D: PLAXIS is the leading geotechnical finite element software, specifically developed for the 2D and 3D analysis of deformation, stability and groundwater flow. It is currently used by over 3000 engineers worldwide in the civil engineering, nuclear, oil & gas and renewable energy industries. Renowned for its ease of use and accurate soil models, it will help you optimise your designs and reduce conservatism compared to relying on traditional methods.

  Civil FEM for Ansys, version 12.1

Civil FEM for Ansys, version 12.1: CivilFEM with ANSYS is the most comprehensive and advanced finite element based civil/structural engineering simulation code proven through years of use. It combines the leading engineering simulation software, ANSYS, and the high-end civil engineering specific structural analysis capabilities of Civil FEM.

  Sap 2000

Sap 2000: The SAP name has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analytical methods since its introduction over 30 years ago. SAP2000 follows in the same tradition featuring a very sophisticated, intuitive and versatile user interface powered by an unmatched analysis engine and design tools for engineers working on transportation, industrial, public works, sports, and other facilities.


From a simple small 2D static frame analysis to a large complex 3D nonlinear dynamic analysis,  SAP2000 is the easiest, most productive solution for your structural analysis and design needs.

  ETABS version 9

ETABS version 9: ETABS is the solution, whether you are designing a simple 2D frame or performing a dynamic analysis of a complex high-rise that utilizes non-linear dampers for inter-story drift control.





All LAN Connected Systems.


Microsoft Windows 2008 Server -Clielt Server Architecture.


Microsoft Windows 7 Workstations -32 Bit.


Internet Terminals - Windows 7


Peripherals Devices:

  • HP Colour Scanner - A4 Size.
  • HP Laserjet Printer - A3 Size.
  • LCD Projector.
  Department of Civil Engineering, Tezpur University, Napaam 784028, Tezpur, Assam, India.