Tezpur University | Material Testing
  Concrete Mix Design, Strength up to M35    
  Compressive Strength (3, 7 & 28 Days)    

Water: IS 456 - Chemical Analysis for R.C.C. Construction



  Aggregate Testing   Cement Testing  
  Particle Size Analysis,   Consistency,  
  Grading Curve,   Setting Time,  
  Flakiness Index,   Soundness,  
  Elongation Index,   Fineness,  
  Crushing Value,   Compressive  Strength,  
  Aggregate Impact Value,   Specific Gravity  
  Abrasion Value,      
  Specific Gravity,   Brick Testing  
  Density,   Compressive or Crushing Strength,  
  Water Absorption,   Water Absorption,  
  Bulking of Sand,   Visual Observation i.e. Size of the brick,  
  Silt Content,   Efflorescence,  
  Deleterious Material,   Brick Classification  
  Alkali Reactivity of Aggregate   Bitumen Testing  
      Ductility Test,  
  Steel Testing   Asphalt Mix Design,  
  Bar up to Diameter 16 mm (Tensile & Proof Strength),   Softening Point  
  Bar above Diameter 16 mm (Tensile & Proof Strength)