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DBT Nodal Cell, Tezpur University,Napaam, Sonitpur, Assam-784 028, INDIA [ DBT Nodal Cell 2015]

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DBT Nodal Cell, Tezpur University

Ministry of Science and Technology

Principal Investigator        :            Prof. (Dr.) Roonmoni Deka, Dept. of Anatomy

Co- Principal Investigator :            Prof. (Dr.) K. L. Talukdar, Dept. of Anatomy

Project Sanction date & Year:      30th September, 2009


First Phase Objectives
a) Facilities for Kidney Transplant Patients:
HLA typing for patients and donors -
Protocols standardised by molecular method using invitrogen (ssp) kits. Patient service not yet provided.
Cross match test for patients and donors prior to transplantation.
Routinely done immediate pre-transplant test is done in the centre where transplantation is performed.
Estimation of panel reactive antibodies of patients to assess the general immune response   of individuals towards environmental antigens.
Not done
Monitoring of immune status of patient both in the pre transplant as well as in the posttransplant period.
Not done
If necessary assessment of immunostatus during an episode of rejection.
Not done
Estimation of antibody whether IgG/IgM/IgA -
IgG and IgM done, IgA not done
Estimation of autoantibodies
Not done
b) Facilities for other Patients:
HLA Typing of Patients for the following Diseases:
i)   Reiters disease
ii)  Graves disease
iii) Rheumatoid Arthritis
iv) Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
v) Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus etc
Not done.
HLA Typing of relatives of patients who are at risk of developing the above mentioned   diseases.
Not done
Testing for HLA B27 in patients Suspected to be suffering from Ankylosing  Spondylitis
Routinely done
Second phase Objectives
HLA typing of patients and Donors by both serology and molecular methods to identify an ABO compatible HLA identical donors from amongst the siblings of the patients
Not done
To perform HLA typing by molecular methods with DNA from the unborn sibling of a patient to ascertain whether the unborn offspring of the couple is normal and secondly to identify a potential donor for the patient.
Not done
Monitoring of the patient in the post transplant period as regard the acceptance or rejection of grafts.
Not done