Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) Awarded from the Department of Business Administration



Supervisor (s)

Title of Thesis



M. K. Sarma

Dr. M.C. Bora, Tezpur University

A Study on Destination Positioning of North East India Based on Preferences and Perceptions of Tourists



Chandan Goswami

Dr. H. Goswami, Dibrugarh University

Relative Attractiveness of Different Financial Instruments in the Urban Centres of Assam



Rajib Kumar Bhattacharyya

Dr. M.C. Bora, Tezpur University

A Study on Health of Public Sector Indian Tea Industry with Special Reference to Assam



Subhrangshu Sekhar Sarkar

1) Dr. M.C.Bora, Tezpur University
2) Dr.  S. Sikidar, Gauhati University

Structure and Administration of Sales Taxations in Assam A Critical Analysis



Reeta Sarmah

1) Dr. M.C. Bora, Tezpur University
2) Dr. D.J. Bhattacharjee, A.E.C.     

A Critical Analysis of Rural Domestic Energy Consumption Scenario of Assam : With Special Reference to Jorhat District of Assam



 Chandrama Goswami

Dr. Srinath Baruah, Gauhati University

Land use in Assam : A Spatio-Temporal Study



Yedla Venkata Rao

Dr. G. Singaiah, Tezpur University 

Human Resource Development in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant A Case Study



 Balin Hazarika

Dr. G. Singaiah, Tezpur University 

Management of Small Enterprises : A Case Study in Sonitpur District of Assam.



Pankaj Barua

1) Dr.Chandana Goswami, Tezpur Univ.

2) Dr. P. Mandal, Lamar University

Web Based Decision Support System for Water Resources : Simulation of a Large River System.



 Papori Baruah

Dr. G. Singaiah, Tezpur University 

Managing Organizational Change : A Case Study of NGO Mindset in Assam.



Plabon Kakoti

1) Dr. M.C. Bora, Tezpur University
2) Dr. P.B. Barua, J.E.C.

Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) Principles in Tea Industry: Investigation and Critical Analysis



Anjan Bhuyan

Dr. S.S. Khanka, Tezpur University 

A Study on the Development of Tourism Entrepreneurship in Assam, with Special Reference to Accommodation Industry.



Banasree Dey

Dr. M.K. Sarma, Tezpur University 

Segmenting and Profiling the Leisure Travelers: A Study in North-east India.



Hiranya Kumar Baruah

Dr. G. Singaiah, Tezpur University 

Shifting Cultivation and Environmental Degradation: A case study in two hill districts of Assam.



Dilip Sarma

Dr. M.K. Sarma, Tezpur University

Valuation of  Wetland Resources for Conservation and Development as Centres for Growth of Sustainable Economy



Pranab Jyoti Patar

Dr. Chandana Goswami, Tezpur University

Tourism Related Factors Affecting Biodiversity : A Case Study of Kaziranga National Park



 Tridib Ranjan Sarma

Dr.  G. Singaiah , Tezpur University

Formulation of an Optimized Algorithm for Resource Scheduling and Allocation in Projects : A Genetic Algorithms Approach



 Uttam Kumar Baruah

Dr. M.K. Sarma, Tezpur University

A Study on the Extent and Composition of Uncategorized Expenditure of Tourists in N.E. India



Chandan Debnath Dr. G. Singaiah, NEHU Interface of Societal Culture and Work Motivation: A Case study of Angami Tribe of Nagaland


20. Heera Barpujary Dr. Chandana Goswami, Tezpur University Knowledge Management System Architecture - A Specific Study for Management and Computer Academics 10th
21. Jatijiban Bora Dr. Chandana Goswami, Tezpur University A Study of Water Supply Infrastructure in Tezpur Agglomeration Area, Assam, India 10th
 22. Nilkamal Mandal Dr. M. K. Sarma, Tezpur University An Analytical Study of the Supply Chain with Respect to Transportation Between India and CIS Region.


23. Pradip Ch. Mahanta
Dr. Chandan Goswami, Tezpur University Designing Appropriate Forest Protection Methods  to Check Deforestation in Assam: A Case Study of Charduar and Nameri Ranges of Sonitpur District 10th
24. Arup Roy Dr. Chandana Goswami, Tezpur University Microfinance Institutions (MFIs): A Study on their Performance and Dynamics in Assam 11th
25. Nilanjana Deb Dr. Chandana Goswami, Tezpur University Indian Banking: A Transition Towards Universal Banking Framework 11th
26. Bipin Ch. Goswami Dr. Chandan Goswami, Tezpur University Designing Alternative Tourism Practices for KNP(Kagiranga National Park) based on Psychological Carrying Capacity 12th
27. Rita Borkotoky Dr. Chandan Goswami, Tezpur University Tourism as a Potential Catalist of Economic Empowerment of Assam: A study of Kaziranga National Park 12th
28. Ajanta Phatowali Dr. S. S. Sarkar, Tezpur University A study on Financial Indusion in urban areas of Assam 12th
29. Sinmoy Goswami Dr. M. K. Sarma, Tezpur University Customer Delight: A study of the Ospitality Industry In North East India 12th
30. Pradip Ch. Bhuyan Dr. Chandan Goswami, Tezpur University Development of Consumer Oriented Strategies For Marketing of Fish in Assam 12th
31. Birinchi Kr. Choudhuri Dr. Chandan Goswami, Tezpur University Revenue Outflow in Tourism 13th
32. Nitu Chomal Dr. Papori Baruah, Tezpur University Performance Linked Reward and Job Satisfaction: A Study on Banking Sector in Assam 13th
33 Mampi Bora Das Dr. Papori Baruah, Tezpur University Effectiveness of Community Health Worker (Accredited Social Health Activist) in Facilitating Health in 3 districts of Assam. 13th
34. Bhaskar Jyoti Borthakur Dr. Papori Baruah, Tezpur University Re-engineering Service Delivery Process: A Study on NGO Sector of Assam 13th
35. Upakul Sarmah Dr. M.K. Sarma, Tezpur University Segmenting Urban Indian Online Shoppers Based on Their Preference Towards Electronic Service Quality. 13th
36 Satyendra Kr. Pandey Dr. S S Sarkar, Tezpur University Role of Development Institutes for Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship in Assam with Reference to Nagaon 14th
37 Pinky Dutta Dr. D Das, Tezpur University Cost Structure and Financial Sustainability of Microfinance Institutions: A Study of Select MFIs in Assam 14th
38 Chikhosale Thingo Dr. S S Sarkar, Tezpur University Prospects & Problems of MSMEs in Nagaland 14th
39 Meghali Kalita Dr. T R Sarma, Tezpur University Effectiveness of Project Implementation in the Rural Sector: A Study on the Sustenance of Dairy Co-Operative Societies in Assam 14th
40 Aienla Dr. T R Sarma, Tezpur University Framework for Integrated Waste Management in Tourist Destinations of Nagaland 14th
41 Lakhimi Phukan Dr. Chandana Goswami, Tezpur University Impact of School Environment on Creativity: A Study of Select Schools of Assam 15th
42 Saynika Sarma Dr. M K Sarma, Tezpur University Influence of Culture in Service Encounter: A Study in Assam 15th
43 Bitupan Bora Dr. D Das, Tezpur University Livelihood Development Through Non-Farm Enterprises: A Study in Hill Districts of Assam 15th
44 Rashmi Rekha Baruah Dr. Papori Baruah, Tezpur University Teamwork and Organizational Effectiveness: A Study on Telecom Sector in Assam 15th
45 Rehana Ahmed Dr. S S Sarkar, Tezpur University Transformative Social Protection of Women Through Guaranteed Employment: A Study of MGNREGA in Assam 15th
46 Pankaj Kumar Dr. S S Sarkar, Tezpur University Structure and Management of Indirect Taxes in India with Special Reference to Perception of Stakeholders in Uttar Pradesh 15th
47 Rumia Begum Dr. Chandana Goswami, Tezpur University Socio Economic Dynamics of Urban Informal Enterprises in Assam 15th
48 Millo Yasung Dr. Papori Baruah, Tezpur University Professionalism and Employee Outcome: A Study of the Department of Rural Development in Arunachal Pradesh 15th

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  Students pursuing Ph.D. Programme in the Department

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E-mail address

Contact No.

  Bidyut Bikash Das Dr. Chandan Goswami Integrating Banker's Inconvenience and Customer's Expectations



Lakhimi Jogendranath Chutia(full time) Dr. M K Sarma Crafts of Assam and its Commercialization: A study with special reference to Artefacts and Artisans


  Purabi Bharali Dr. Chandan Goswami 9854778357
  Sandeep Kr Singh (full time) Dr. M K Sarma Word of Mouth Effectiveness: A Study in Urban Settings of Assam 9678830523


Haripriya Dutta (full time) Dr. Anjan Bhuyan Farm Size Dynamics in Assam : A Study on Paddy Farming Households from Farm Management Perspective 8011512522


Kalyani Kalita (full time) Dr. M K Sarma Exploring Impulse Buying with Regards to Experiential and Utilitarian Services: A Study among Urban Consumers of Assam 9508640195


Maumita Choudhury (full time) Dr. Chandana Goswami An Evaluative Study on Bank Financing of MSMEs in Assam 9706655199
  Bidyut Jyoti Kalita (full time) Dr. Anjan Bhuyan An Assessment of the Problems and Prospects of Jute Farmers in Assam 9706914307


Deep Jyoti Gurung (full time) Dr. Chandan Goswami Impact of User Generated Content on Destination Image of Sikkim: A Comparison with Conventional Attributes 9402462190
  Kamaleswar Boro (full time) Dr. Chandana Goswami Rural Urban Divide in Accepting Technology Based Banking Services: A Study in Select Districts of Assam 8135002040


Krishnasree Gogoi (full time) Dr. Papori Baruah Performance Focused Goal Setting and Its Outcome: A Study of Select Central Public Sector Enterprises in Assam 8876512766


Rupak Das (full time) Dr. D Das Financial Resource Management of Local Self Government : A Study on the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in Assam 8486953290
  Chiging Yamang Dr. Arup Roy Financial Literacy and its Impact on Saving and Investment Behaviour : A Study in Arunachal Pradesh 9485265993


Nilutpal Chutia Dr. Anjan Bhuyan Impact of Oil Industry on Rural Livelihood in Assam : A Study of ONGC and OIL 9859210605


Ashifuddin Ahmed Saikia Dr Chandan Goswami Estimation of Recreational Value of World Heritage Sites of Assam, India 9706929973


Shivam Kakati Dr. Arup Roy Financial Performance and Financial Sustainability of Farmer Producer Companies (FPC) in India with Special Emphosis on North East India 9975130708
  Dorothy Dutta Dr. M. K. Sarma Adoption of Incremental Service Innovations in Digital Platforms 9706907119
  Bhaswati Adhikary Dr. D. Das Household Healthcare Expenditure and Health Financing Pattern : A Study in Rural Settings of Assam 9706076532
  Naba Kumar Das Dr. Arup Roy Value Chain Analysis of Selected Organic Crops in Assam 9707478599
  Prayash Baruah Dr. T. R. Sarma 7680980815
  Prerana Sarma Dr. Arup Roy 8876218656
  Mokhalles Mohammad Mehdi Dr. T. R. Sarma 8402911456
  Suparna Neog Dr. Runumi Das 9127024128

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