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Course Structure
Master of Business Administration

First Semester Second Semester
Foundations of Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Operations Management
Quantitative Techniques
Organizational Behaviour
Human Resource Management
Choice Based Credit Transfer (CBCT) for First Semester

General Electives

(Any one)

Financial Accounting
Information Technology Management

Research Methods in Business
Managerial Economics & Legal Environment
Specilization A
Specilization A
Specilization B
Specilization B
Choice Based Credit Transfer (CBCT) for Second Semester

General Electives (Any one)

Systems Analysis and Design
Managerial Communication
Cost and Management Accounting

Third Semester
Fourth Semester
Management Information System
Summer Internship Project
Specilization A
Specilization A
Specilization B
Specilization B
Choice Based Credit Transfer (CBCT) for Third Semester

General Electives (Any one)

International Business Environment
Operations Research
Business Online Basics

Strategic Management
Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
Entrepreneurship Development
Choice Based Credit Transfer (CBCT) for Fourth Semester (a)
Choice Based Credit Transfer (CBCT) for Fourth Semester (b)

General Electives (Any two)

Project Management
Knowledge Management
Supply Chain Management
Organization Effectiveness and Change


Dual Specialization

Two groups
from the list below (12 credits from each group)

                Semester 2 (6 Credits)

                 Semester 3 (6 Credits)

Security Analysis and Investment Management
Financial Institutions & Financial Services
Corporate Taxation

Financial Engineering
Management Control System
Trends and Innovations in Financial Sector
Advanced Financial Management
International Finance
Treasury, Forex and Risk Management

Consumer Analysis
Sales & Distribution Management
Digital Marketing
Services Marketing

Promotional Strategies
Brand Management
Retail Management
Rural Marketing
Advanced Marketing Research


Human Research Development
Labour Law
Social and Industrial Psychology

Industrial Relations
Cross Culture & International HRM
Compensation Management

Database Management Systems
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Software Engineering
Web Designing

Data Mining
Business Software System Design and Development
Networking and Communication
Operating Systems

Quality Management
Materials Management and Inventory Control

Advanced Operation Research & Optimisation
Logistics and Transportation Management
Process Certification
Management of Technology