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Chandana Goswami


Area of Specialisation/Research:

    • General Management
    • Financial Management

Research Publications:

  • Goswami, C(handana). & Kakati, S.(2019). Factors and Motivation of Fraud in the Corporate Sector : "A Literature Review Journal of Commerce & Accounting Research,., 8 (3),86-96.
  • Saikia, A. A. & Goswami, C(handana)(2019). The Concept of Youth Tourism as a Distinct Tourism Market Segment: A Review of Literature Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research., 8 (5),137-149.
  • Goswami, C(handana)(2003). How does internet stock trading in India work?.Vikalpa, 28 (1),.
  • Bhattacharyya, S. & Goswami, C(handana)(2021). Antecedents of E-Referrals: A Study of Mobile Banking Applications.IITM Journal of Business Studies, 9 (1),63 -69.
  • Saikia, A. A. & Goswami, C(handana)(2019). The Concept of Youth Tourism as A Distinct Tourism Market Segment: A Review of Literature.Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research,, 8 (5),137-149.
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Papers in Conference Proceeding:

  • Goswami, C(handana). & Begum, R(2014). Comparison of Two Important Segments of Urban Informal Sector: Home-Based Enterprise and Street Vendors of Assam (India).in the Proceedings of SIBR 2014 Bangkok Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, (),321-332. , []
  • Goswami, C(handana). & Phukan, L(2014). Creativity Assessment of Teenaged School Children: Evidence from Assam, India.In the procedings of 3rd International Conference on Business, Management and Governance, (),65-75. , [978-981-09-3470-5]
  • Goswami, C(handana). & Begum, R(2013). Examining the Feasibility of Financial Inclusion of Street the proceedings of ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth, (),. , []
  • Goswami, C(handana). and Deb, N(2009). Transition of Indian commercial banks towards universal banking.4th International Research Conference on Management and Finance 2009, Organised by Faculty of Management & Finance, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, (),. , []
  • Goswami, C(handana)(2008). E-finance : Quos Vadis.AIMS conference held at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India., (),. , []
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Popular Articles:

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  • Roy, A., Goswami, C.(handana)., & Sikidar, Sujit(2011) .Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) : A Study on its Dynamics in a District of Assam .In J. U. Ahmed, D. Bhagat and G. Singaiah (Eds), Microfinance Revolution in India: Success and Sustainability(165-179) Kolkata: New Central Book Agency.[978-81-7381-671-0]
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