Approved List of Journals of Department of Business Administration

Sl. No. Title ISSN Publisher Country
1 Asian Management Review ISSN: 1029-3132 AAMO India
2 ASCI Journal OF Management   Administrative staff College Hyderabad India
3 Indian Journal Of Commerce 0019512X All India Commerce Association India
4 Indian Management 195812 All India Management Association, New Delhi India
5 South Asian Journal of Management ISSN: 0971- 5428 AMDISA(Association of Management Developmnet Institution in south Asia) India
6 South Asian Journal of Management 9715428 AMNDISA Secretariat University of Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad India
7 Asia- Pacific Journal of Management 2319510X Asia- Pacific Institute of Management India
8 Indian Journal of Transport Management 9704736 Central Institute of Road Transport, Pune India
9 CSI Communications 18419836 Computer Society of India India
10 India Economic Review 194670 Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi India
11 Indian Journal of Economics 195170 Department of Economics and Commerce, University of Allahabad India
12 Journal of Digital Information Management 9727272 Digital Information Research Foundation, India
13 The Journal of Entrepreneurship 9713557 Entrepreneurship development Institute of India Ahmedabad India
14 Economic and Political Weekly 129976 Sameeksha Trust India
15 Journal of Management Reserach 22294252 Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi India
16 Journal of Management Research 1941-899X FMS, Delhi University India
17 Journal of Food Security 9752994 Food Corporation of India, Government of India India
18 Abhigyan 9702385 FORE, New Delhi India
19 Artha Vijnana 0004-3559. Gokhale Institute of Management  India
20 Agricultural Marketing 21555 Govt of India India
21 Indian Labour Journal 195723 Govt of India India
22 Journal of Emerging Market Finance 9726527 IDF, New Delhi India
23 Vikalpa 2560909 IIM Ahmeadbad India
24 IIMB Management Review 0970 3896 IIM Banglore India
25 The Journal of Human Values 9716858 IIM Calcutta (SAGE India Journal ) India
26 Indore Management Journal (IMJ) 9751653 IIM Indore India
27 IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review 22779752 IIM Kozhikode(SAGE India Journal) India
28 Metamorphosis: A Journal of Management Research 9726225 IIM Lucknow India
29 IIMS Journal of Management Science 0976030X IIM Shillong India
30 Paradigm 0971-8907 IIMT Ghaziabad India
31 Indian Journal of Public Administartion 195561 IIPA, Bombay India
32 Journal of Advances In Management Research 9727981 IIT, Delhi (EMERALD) India
33 Global Business Review 9721509 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd India
34 Journal of Entrepreneurship 9713557 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd India
35 Indian Journal Of Accounting 9721479 Indian Accounting Association India
36 Indian Banker NA Indian Banks Association India
37 Indian Journal of Social Science 22503226 Indian Council of Social Science Research India
38 South Asian Survey 9715231 Indian Council for South Asian Cooperation New Delhi India
39 Indian Social science Review 9720731 Indian Council of social science research (ICSSR), New Delhi India
40 Indian Economic Journal 195308 Indian Economic Association, Bombay India
41 Journal of the Indian Institute of Bankers 194921 Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai India
42 Asian Economic Review 44555 Indian Institute of econmics, Hyderabad India
43 Finance India 9751211 Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi India
44 Journal of Health Management 17536723 Indian Institute of Health Management and Research, Jaipur India
45 IIMB Management Review 9703896 Indian Institute of Management , Bangalore India
46 Mudra(IIML Journal of Finance) 2556510 Indian Institute of Management Lucknow India
47 Decision 3040941 Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata India
48 Indian Journal of Finance ISSN 0973 8711 Indian Journal of Finance India
49 Indian Journal of Training and Development 9715592 Indian Society for Training and Development, New Delhi India
50 Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing 9718664 Indian Society of Agriculting Marketing, Nagpur India
51 Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 195014 Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Mumbai India
52 Indian Journal of Open Learning 9712690 Indira Gandhi National Open University. New Delhi India
53 Indian Journal of Labour Economics 195308 Institute of Applied Manpower research India
54 Journal of Bank Management 9726918 Institute of Bank Management and Research, Hyderabad India
55 Management Accountant 9723528 Institute of Cost and works Accountant of India, Kolkata India
56 Focus WTO 9722076 Institute of Foreign Trade India
57 Foreign Trade Review 157325 Institute of Foreign Trade India
58 Journal of Services Research 10946705 Institute of International Management of Technology(IIMT) Gurgaon India
59 Jounal of Venture Capital financial services 22498680 Institute of Pubic Enterprise, Hyderabad India
60 Journal of marketing Trends 22499067 Institute of Public Enterprise(IPE), Hyderabad India
61 Indian Journal of Corporate Governance 9746862 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
62 IPE Journal of Management 22499040 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
63 Journal of Corporate Governance 9746862 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
64 Journal of Economic Policy and Research 9758577 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
65 Journal of Governance & Public Policy 22310924 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
66 Journal of Managerial Finance & Research 9767096 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
67 Journal of Marketing Vistas 22499067 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
68 Journal of Venture Capital Financial Services 22408680 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
69 The Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise 9711856 Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad India
70 Journal of social and Economic Development 9725792 Institute of Sociual and Econimic Change, Benglore India
71 KIIT Journal of management 9742808 KIIT Inversity Hyderbad India
72 Review of Development and Change 9722661 Madras Institute of Development studies(MIDS), Chennai India
73 Yojana 9718400 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New  Delhi India
74 Margin 9738029 National Council of Applied Economic Research(NCAER), New Delhi India
75 Journal of Social and Management Sciences 9708448 National Institute of Bank Management , Pune India
76 Vinimaya 9708456 National Institute of Bank Management , Pune India
77 Urban India 9709045 National Institute of management Ahmedabad, IIM Ahmedabad India
78 Small Enterprise development, Management and Extension Journal 9708464 National Institute of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise(NI-MSME) Hyderabad India
79 Journal of Rural Development 9703357 National Institute of rural development(NIRD) Hyderabad India
80 Productivity 329924 National Productivity Council, New Delhi India
81 Prajnan 9708448 NIBM Pune India
82 Journal of Education Planning and Administration 0971-3859 NIEPA New Delhi India
83 UDYOG PRAGATI: The Journal for Practising Managers. 9703365 NITIE India
84 Journal of Financial Management and Analysis 9704205 Om Sai Ram Centre for Financial Management Research, Mumbai India
85 Journal of Organisations and Human Behaviour 22773274 Publishing India Group India
86 Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management 22772138 Publishing India Group India
87 International Studies 3058298 Sage Publication India
88 Journal of creative communications 9732586 Sage Publication India
89 South Asian Journal of Business and ISSN: 2277-9779 Sage Publication India
90 South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance ISSN : 22779787 Sage Publication India
91 Asian Journal of Management Cases 9728201 SAGE Publications India
92 IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review ISSN :22779752 Sage Publications INDIA
93 International Journal of Rural Managemnt Print ISSN: 0973-0052; Online ISSN: 0973-0680 Sage Publications India
94 Journal of Education for Sustainable Development Print ISSN: 0973-0052; Online ISSN: 0973-0680 0973-4074. Sage Publications India
95 Journal of Entrepreneurship ISSN online: 1741-8054 Sage Publications India
96 Anvesek 9760911 Sardar Patel Institiute of Economic and Social Research, Ahmedabad India
97 Asian African Journal of Economics and Econometrics 9823986 Serials Publications, New Delhi India
98 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 195286 Shri Ram Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, New Delhi India
99 Science, technology and society 9717218 Society for Promotion of S&T Studies(JNU) New Delhi India
100 Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management 9722696 Springer India
101 Business Analyst 9702385 Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi India
102 Journal of Environmental studies and Policy 0972-0804 Tata Eneregy Resources Institute(TERI) India
103 Indian Journal of Social Work 195634 Tata Institute of social science India
104 Journal of Resource Energy and Development 9709957 The Energy and Resource Institute(TERI), New Delhi India
105 Journal of Quantiative Econimics 9711554 The Indian Econometrics Society(TIES), Mumbai India
106 Chartered Accountant 0009-188X The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India India
107 The Chartered Accountant Journal 15350975 The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India India
108 Management and Accounting Research   The Institute of Chartred Accounts of India, New Delhi India
109 Chartered Secretary 0977 8031 The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi India
110 Executive Chartered Secretary 9721983 The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi India
111 Vision 9722629 The Journal of Business Perspective,  MDI Gurgaon India
112 The Commerce Journal 22307222 University of Allahabad India
113 The Indian Journal of Economics 195170 University of Allahabad India
114 Labour and Development 9730419 V V Giri National labour Institute India
115 Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship 9731954 Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Hyderbad India
116 Vilakshan 0973-1954 Xavier Institute of Management(XIM) Bhuvneshwar India
117 Management and Labour Studies 258042 Xavier Labour Relations Institute(XLRI), jamshedpur India
118 Management and Labour Studies 0258042X XLRI, Jamshedpur (SAGE India) India
119 Vanijya 9726594 Department of Commerce, Dibrugarh University India
120 BHU Management Review  8185305331 Banaras Hundu University India
121 International Journal of Research in IT, Commerce and Management 2231-5756 Open Access International e-Journal - Included in the International Serial Directories ,Yamuna Nagar, Haryana India
122 Asia-Pacific Business Review 0973-2470 Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi India
123 BIZ N BYTES Journal of Business & Information Management 0976-0458 Chandigarh Business School India
124 Pacific Business Review International 0974-438X Pacific Institute of Management, Udaipur India
125 Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Management Review 2319-2836 Zenith International Research and Academic Foundation (ZIRAF) India
126 Praband 0974 8229 Faculty of Management Studies, Udaipur India
127 The microFINANCE REVIEW 2229-3329 BIRD, Lucknow India
128 SAMABAYIKA 0975-7244 Assam University, Silchar India
129 BANIJYA 0975 0010 Assam University, Silchar India
130 Lakhimpur Commerce College Research Journal 2320-5415 Lakhimpur Commerce College India
131 International Journal of Applied Management Research 2347 - 2839 Department of Management, North-Eastern Hill University, Tura Campus India
132 Indian Journal of Applied Research 2249-55X Sara Publishing Academy India
133 Journal of North-East India Council for Social Science Research 0970-7913 North-East India Council for Social Science Research India
134 Presidency Journal of Management Thought and Research (PJMTR)  2229-5275 Presidency College, Bangalore India
135 Training and Development journal*
A Journal of Indian Society for Training and Development
Print ISSN: 2231-0681,     Online ISSN: 2231-069X Indian Society for Training and Development India
136 Prabhandhan: Journal of Management 0975-2854 Associated Management Consultants Private Limited, New Delhi India
137 Siddhant: a journal of decision making Print ISSN: 2231-0649  Online ISSN: 2231-0657 Regional College Of Management, Bhubaneswar India
138 SCMS journal of Indian Management 0973-3167 SCMS Group of Educational Institutions, Cochin, Kerala. India
139 Indian Journal of Human Development   Institute of Human Development, New Delhi India
140 ICFAI Journal of Management Research 0972-5342 ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad India
141 Indian Journal of Commerce and Management studies 2249-0310  Educational Research Multimedia & Publications, Nashik India
142 Journal of Social Science  2320 - 0952 Bodoland University India
143 Research Bulletin 2230 9241 The Institute of Cost Accountants of India India
144 the IUP Journal of Applied Finance 0972- 5105 The Icfai University Press India
145 IUP Journal of Business Strategy 0972-9259 The Icfai University Press India
146 IUP Journal of Corporate Governance 0972-6853 The Icfai University Press India
147 IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management 0972-916X The Icfai University Press India
148 IUP Journal of Knowledge Management 0972-9216 The Icfai University Press India
149 IUP Journal of Management Research 0972-5342 The Icfai University Press India
150 IUP Journal of Operations Management 0972-6888 The Icfai University Press India
151 IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior   The Icfai University Press India
152 IUP Journal of Soft Skills 0973-8479 The Icfai University Press India
153 The IUP Journal of Brand Management 0972- 9097 The Icfai University Press India
154 The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development 0973- 2659 The Icfai University Press India
155 The IUP Journal Of Managerial Economics 0972- 9305 The Icfai University Press India
156 The IUP Journal Of Marketing Management 0972- 6845 The Icfai University Press India
157 The IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management 0972-9267 The Icfai University Press India
158 Journals Published By Emerald Group under the following categories (number of journals are given in parenthesis)      
  Accounting and Finance (28)      
   Economics (18)      
  HR & Organizational Behaviour (51)      
  Marketing (31)      
   Management Science & Operations (53)      
  Tourism & Hospitality (8)      
   Strategy (45)      
   Public Policy & Environmental Management (25)      
159 Journals Published By Wiley under the following categories (number of journals are given in parenthesis)      
  Business & Management (2)      
  Economics (2)      
  Finance and Investments (2)      
  Accounting (2)      
160 Journals Published By Taylor & Francis  under the following categories (number of journals are given in parenthesis)      
  Business Mnagemnet and Accounting (110)      
  Economics (84)      
  Industry and industrial Studies (81)      
161 International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies ISSN online: 1752-0460
ISSN print: 1752-0452
Inderscience  Publishers  Switzerland
162 Journal of Research, Extension and Development ISSN: 2319-1899 Journal of Research, Extension and Development India 
163 Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research ISSN: 2304-1013 (Online)   2304-1269 (CDROM) Society of Interdesciplinary Business Research
Not found
164 International Journal of Commerce and Management ISSN: 1056-9219 Emerald United Kingdom
165 Journal of Nepalese Business Studies Not Found  Tribhuvan University Nepal 
166 Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal ISSN: 1947-5667 (Online) Universal Publishers - Boca Raton, Florida, USA USA
167 International Journal of Tourism and Travel ISSN: 0974-2603  Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management
168 Udyog Pragati ISSN 0970-3365 National Institute of Industrial Engineering  India 
169 Journal Of IMS Group  ISSN 0973-824X IMS Gaziabad India
170 Journal of Management Development and Research   Institute of Management Development and Research,Pune India
171 Journal of Management Research ISSN:0976-4739 Bharati Vidyapeeth'sInstitute of Management Studies and Reearch India
172 ANVESHA-The Journal of Management ISSN:0974-5467 IES Management College and Research Centres India
173 Journal of IPEM ISSN:0974-8903 Institute of Professional Excellence and Management India
174 Indira Management Review ISSN: 0974-3928 Indira School of Business Studies India
175  Journal of Social Development ISSN: 0974-651x Jharkhand Develoment Forum,Ranchi India
176 The Administrator   Indian Institute of Public Admininstrator, New Delhi India
177 The Journal of Insurance   Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai India
178 The QUEST   Indian Institute of Banking and Finance India
179 The University News   Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi India
180 Journal of Public Finance   NIFM India
181 Journal of Enterprenurship Development   EDI India
  In addition to above,Journals published by reputed publishers ,research and academic institutions,Universities and professional bodies will be considered subject to concurrence of the  DAC.