Activities at the center

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Duration National Workshop / Seminar
8th-9th March,2015 Exploring Biological Databases
14th-16th february,2015 QSAR/QSPR-Applications in drug designing
15th-17th February,2014 Evolutionary Genomics
30th-31st March,2013 Web-Servers:Application as Bioinformatics tool for genome and Proteome Analysis
1st-4th March, 2013 Recent Advances in Microbial Biotechnology and Molecular Evolution
21st-24th March,2012 Chemical Informatics
23rd-26th November,2011 Protein 3D structure modelling
22nd-28th December,2008 Bioinformatics application in Computational Biology
15th-21st December,2008 Introduction to Bioinformatics and its applications