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Central Library develops collection with the objective to enrich the knowledge of the Tezpur University academic community through books, journals (both print and electronic), theses & dissertations, CDs, online databases, etc.


The Central Library has a collection of over 86,654+ books in the area of Science & Technology, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences and related subjects based on selection by Faculty and Students of Tezpur University. Beside these, Central Library has also many kind of reference books.

Print Journals:

Central Library is subscribing 212 (116 National + 96 International) Print Journals for the academic and research needs of the Tezpur University academic community.

Find year-wise subscription details: 2016 2017 2018 2019

List of Print Journals Subscribed for the Year 2019
# Title of the Journal Publisher Type
Department: Business Administration (BA)
1 Action Research Sage International
2 Asian Journal of Management Cases Sage International
3 Compensation and Benefit Reviews Sage International
4 Global Business Review Sage International
5 Harvard Business Review HBP International
6 Human Resource Development Review Sage International
7 International Small Business Journal Sage International
8 Journal of Emerging Market Finance Sage International
9 Journal of Entrepreneurship Sage International
10 Journal of Industrial Relations
Sage International
11 Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies Sage International
12 Journal of Management Sage International
13 Journal of Service Research Sage International
14 Leadership Sage International
15 Management and Labor Studies Sage International
16 Organization Sage International
17 South Asia Economic Journal
Sage International
18 Strategic Organization Sage International
19 The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Sage International
20 Vikalpa
Sage International
21 Vision Sage International
22 Capital Market Capital Market National
23 IIMB Management Review IIM B National
24 International Journal of Tourism and Travel Publishing India Group National
25 OPSEARCH Springer National
Department: Chemical Science (Chem. Sc.)
26 Nature Chemistry NPG International
27 Synlett Thieme International
28 Bulletin of Materials Science Indian Academy of Sciences National
29 Journal of Chemical Science Indian Academy of Sciences National
30 Journal of Polymer Materials MD Publications National
Department: Civil Engineering (Civil Engg.)
31 Indian Concrete Journal ACC National
32 Indian Journal of Transport Management CIRT National
Journal of Structural Engineering CSIR-SERC National
Department: Commerce
34 Accounting History Sage International
35 Foreign Trade Review Sage International
36 Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance Sage International
37 Journal of Education for Business Taylor & Francis International
Finance India Indian Institute of Finance National
Indian Journal of Accounting Indian Accounting Association National
Research Bulletin Institute of Cost Accountants of India National
The Management Accountant Institute of Cost Accountants of India National
Department: Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
42 Opensource for You EFY National
Department: Cultural Studies (Cult. Std.)
Critical Arts Taylor & Francis International
44 Ethnicities Sage International
Gender & Society Sage International
Indian Journal of Gender Studies Sage International
International Journal of Cultural Studies Sage International
Studies in South Asian Film and Media Intellect International
Aitihya: The Heritage Aitihya Samstha National
50 Kala Indian Art History Congress National
Man In India Serials Pubications National
Department: Education
International Journal of Educational Research Elsevier International
International Journal of Science & Math. Education Springer International
Journal of Educational Research Integrated School of Education National
Journal of Teacher Education Sage International
56 Mathematics Education Research Journal Springer International
57 Indian Journal of Teacher Education NCTE National
58 Edu'nal Quest: Intl Jnl of Education & Applied Social Sc. New Delhi Publisher National
59 Gyanodya: Journal of Progressive Education Inmantec Publishing National
60 Indian Journal of Open Learning IGNOU National
61 Journal of Educational Planning and Administration NUEPA National
62 Journal of Indian Education NCERT National
63 Learning Community: Intl Jnl of Edu'nal & Social Dev. New Delhi Publisher National
64 Indian Education Review NCERT National
65 Primary Teachers NCERT National
66 Staff and Educational Development International Aravali Printer & Publisher National
67 Journal of Rehabilitation Council of India Rehabilitation Council of India National
Department: Energy
68 Energy Manager Energy Press National
69 Indian Journal of Forestry IJF National
Department: English & Foreign Languages (EFL)
70 American Literature Duke University Press International
71 Cognitive Linguistics De Gruyter International
72 Critical Inquiry University of Chicago International
73 English Literary History The Johns Hopkins University Press International
74 Language & Cognition Cambridge University Press International
75 PMLA Modern Language Association International
76 Studies in Romanticism Boston University International
Department: Environmental Science (Env. Sc.)
77 Asian Journal of Water Environment and Pollution IOS Press International
78 Environment: Science & Policy for Sustainable Dev. T&F International
79 Environmental Pollution Elsevier International
80 Geomorphology Elsevier International
81 Down to Earth SEC National
82 Journal of Earth System Science IAS National
Department: Food Engineering & Technology (FET)
83 Cereal Chemistry AAAC International
84 Dairy Science & Technology Springer International
Food Science and Technology Research Khargar International
86 Beverage & Food World AP National
87 Indian Dairyman IDA National
88 Indian Food Packer AIFPA National
89 Indian Journal of Dairy Science IDA National
Journal of Food Science & Technology Springer National
Department: General Studies
National Geographic NG International
Nature NPG International
New Scientist NS International
94 Science AAAS International
Current Science IAS National
Defence Science Journal DESIDOC National
DESIDOC Bulletin of information Technology DESIDOC National
Resonance IAS National
Sadhana IAS National
100 Swamy News Swamy Publications National
101 Inventional Intelligence National Research Development Co. National
102 NEFDi Data Bank Journal NEDFC National
University News AIU National
Department: Hindi
104 Alochana Rajkamal Prakashan National
Anubad Bharatiya Anuvad Parishad National
Bahubachan MGAHV National
Bartaman Sahitya Bartaman Sahitya National
108 Bhasha CHD National
109 Hans Aksar Prakashan National
110 Kathadesh Kathadesh National
111 Kathan Kathan National
112 Nav Nikash Nav Nikash National
113 Pakhi IMIS National
114 Pragatishil Basudha Basudha National
115 Sahitya Amrit Sahitya Amrit National
116 Samakalin Bharatiya Sahitya Sahitya Academy National
117 Samayantar Samayantar National
118 Vishwa Bharati Patrika Vishwa Bharati National
Department: Mass Communication & Journalism (MCJ)
Asia Pacific Media Educator Sage International
120 Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies Sage International
121 Communication Research Sage International
122 Discourse Package: Discourse & Communication Sage International
123 Discourse Package: Discourse & Society Sage International
124 International Journal of Advertising Warc International
125 Journal of Children & Media Taylor & Francis International
126 Journalism Sage International
127 Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly AEJMC International
128 Media Asia AMIC International
129 Media Culture and Society Sage International
130 New Media Package: Mobile Media & Communication Sage International
131 New Media Package: New Media & Society Sage International
132 Television and New Media Sage International
133 Visual Communication Sage International
134 Satellite & Cable TV SCTV National
135 Vidura PII National
Department: Mathematical Sciences (Math.)
136 American Mathematical Monthly MAA International
137 Journal of Applied Probability APT International
138 Mathematics Magazine MAA International
139 Advances in Fuzzy Sets and Systems VBJD National
140 Bulletin of Allahabad Mathematical Society AMS National
141 Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences VBJD National
142 Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics VBJD National
143 Indian Journal of Mathematics AMS National
144 Journal of Indian Academy of Mathematics IAM National
145 Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society RMS National
146 JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory, and Applications VBJD National
147 Proceedings Of Mathematical Sciences IAS National
Department: Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (MBBT)
148 Cell Cell Press International
149 Nature Reviews Genetics NPG International
150 Journal of Biosciences IAS National
151 Journal of Genetics IAS National
Department: Physics
152 Indian Journal of Physics Springer National
153 Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy IAS National
154 Pramana- Journal of Physics IAS National
Department: Social Work
155 Brithsh Journal of Social Work Oxford International
156 International Social Work Sage International
157 Journal of Social Work Sage International
158 Qualitative Social Work Sage International
159 Economic & Political Weekly EPW National
160 The Indian Journal of Social Work TIFR National
Department: Sociology
161 American Sociological Review Sage International
162 Contemporary Education Dialogue Sage International
163 Contributions to Indian Sociology Sage International
164 Current Sociology Sage International
165 International Journal of Rural Management Sage International
166 International Sociology Sage International
167 New Left Review JSS International
168 Social Change Sage International
169 Sociology & Cultural Sociology Package: Cultural Sociology Sage International
170 Sociology & Cultural Sociology Package: Sociology
Sage International
171 Sociological Bulletin Sage International
172 South Asia Research Sage International
173 South Asian History & Culture Taylor & Francis International
174 Man & Society ICSSR National
175 News on North East India ICSSR National
176 Seminar Seminar Publications National
177 The Eastern Anthropologist Serials Publications National
Department: Law
178 Labour Law Journal LexisNexis India National
179 Madras Law Journal (Civil) LexisNexis India National
180 Madras Law Journal (Criminal) LexisNexis India National
181 Indian Human Rights Law Review R. Cambray & Co. Pvt. Ltd. National
182 Supreme Court Cases (SCC) Weekly Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
183 NLS Indian Journal of Law and Technology Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
184 NUJS Law Review Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
185 NLS Socio-Legal Review Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
186 NLS Business Law Review Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
187 GNLU Journal of Law, Development and Politics Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
188 National Law School of India Review Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
189 CNLU Law Journals Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
190 NUJS Journal of India Law and Society Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
191 RMLNLU Journal Eastern Book Company Pvt National
192 The Practical Lawer Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
193 Current Central Legislation Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
194 Developing World Review on Trade and Competition Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
195 NUJS Law Review Eastern Book Company Pvt. National
196 Vidhigya Journal of Legal Awareness Integrated School of Law National
197 Asian Journal of Legal Education Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd International
198 Indian Journal of Human Development Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd International
199 Journals of National Law University Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd International
200 Indian Journal of Public Administration Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd International
201 Global Journal for Legal Studies VL Media Solutions National
202 Allahabad Law Journal All India Reporter Pvt. Ltd. National
203 All India Reporter All India Reporter Pvt. Ltd. National
204 Criminal Law Journal All India Reporter Pvt. Ltd. National
205 NLUA Law & Policy
National Law University, J. A. Assam
206 Law Reviews MRI Publications Pvt. Ltd. National
207 LawZ LawZ Media Pvt. Ltd. National
208 Indian Journal of Law and Human Behavior Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd. National
209 Crime, Punishment and the Law Serials Publications National
210 Asian Journal of International Law Serials Publications National
211 Indian Journal of Human Rights and Justice Serials Publications National
212 International Journal of Jurisprudence & Philosophy of Law Serials Publications National
213 Journal of Criminal Justice and Law Review Serials Publications National
214 Journal of Islamic Law Review Serials Publications
215 Social Change and Development OKD Institute of Social Change Dev. National
216 Harvard Law Review Harvard Law School International
217 Cambridge Law Journal Cambridge University Press International
218 Yale Law Jounals Yale Law School International
219 Human Rights Quarterly John Hopkins University Press International


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