Saturday, 28 May 2022

Library Floor Plan & Layout

Ground Floor

The users of the Library as well as other authorized Library users can make use of the reading room with their own reading material and personal books which are not allowed in the Library. The ground floor houses the following important sections and facilities:

  • Assistant Librarian's Office: It includes Assistant Librarian's Chamber and his office.
  • Circulation Section: This section mainly deals with issue, Return, Renewal and Reservation of books through the latest Barcode technology to all the library members.
  • Library Membership Counter-cum-Help Desk: Students, faculty members & employees of the Institute can register/renew their registration for library membership here.
  • Text Book Section: The Library maintains a separate collection of textbooks that are recommended by the departments/centers for different courses offered at Tezpur University.
  • Stacks Area: Ground Floor has stacks area for books on Sciences, Engineering, managements, commerce, social sciences, humanities, biographies and library science, etc.
  • Reading Hall: A portion of Library on the ground floor has been segregated as an independent Library Reading Hall.
  • Newspaper Section: Students, faculty members & employees of the Institute can use this section for reading current newspapers.
  • Digital Resource Center: This Section is mainly responsible for offering computer-based library services. It has 16+ computers exclusively for the library users.
  • Book Acquisition and Technical Processing Section: The key functions of the Acquisition and Technical Section is to procure all types of documents (except journals) and their classification and cataloguing. The process of book acquisition is fully computerized using the LibSys software package. The Section is also responsible for tooling of books which involves fixing labels, date slips, bar-code stickers, etc.
  • Periodical Section: This Section mainly contains print journals.
  • Photocopy Facility: The Library provides photocopying facility within the premises of the Library through an external agency on payment basis.
  • Conference Room: Conference Hall is situated in ground floor of the Central library.

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