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Sl. No. Journal Title Discipline/ Subject End Year
1 Abacus Accounting & Finance Current
2 Accounting and Finance Accounting & Finance Current
3 Acta Archaeologica History & Archaeology Current
4 Acta Crystallographica Section A Chemistry Current
5 Acta Crystallographica Section B Chemistry Current
6 Acta Crystallographica Section C Chemistry Current
7 Acta Crystallographica Section D Chemistry Current
8 Acta Crystallographica Section E Chemistry Current
9 Acta Crystallographica Section F Chemistry Current
10 Acta Zoologica Ecology Current
11 Africa Confidential Economics Current
12 Africa Research Bulletin: Economic, Financial and Technical Series Economics Current
13 Africa Research Bulletin: Political, Social and Cultural Series Politics Current
14 African Development Review Development Studies Current
15 African Journal of Ecology Ecology Current
16 Agricultural and Forest Entomology Entomology Current
17 American Business Law Journal Law Current
18 American Journal of Agricultural Economics Economics Current
19 American Journal of Economics and Sociology,The Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
20 American Journal of Political Science Politics Current
21 Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy Psychology Current
22 Analysis Philosophy Current
23 Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia Veterinary Science Current
24 Anatomical Science International Anatomy Current
25 Animal Genetics Genetics Current
26 Animal Science Journal Zoology Current
27 Annals of Applied Biology Plant Science Current
28 Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics Economics Current
29 Annals of the Association of American Geographers History & Archaeology Current
30 Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature History & Archaeology Current
31 Anthropology Today Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
32 Antipode Geography Current
33 Applied Psychology Psychology Current
34 Aquaculture Nutrition Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
35 Aquaculture Research Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
36 Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy History & Archaeology Current
37 Archaeometry History & Archaeology Current
38 Area Geography Current
39 Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume, The Philosophy Current
40 Art Book, The Art & Literature Current
41 Art History Art & Literature Current
42 Asia Pacific Viewpoint Geography Current
43 Asian Economic Journal Economics Current
44 Asian Journal of Social Psychology Psychology Current
45 Asian-Pacific Economic Literature Economics Current
46 Astronomy & Geophysics Astronomy Current
47 Austral Ecology Ecology Current
48 Australasian Journal on Ageing Geriatric Medicine Current
49 Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics Statistics & Mathematics Current
50 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry Psychology Current
51 Australian Economic History Review Economics Current
52 Australian Economic Papers Economics Current
53 Australian Economic Review, The Economics Current
54 Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, The Economics Current
55 Australian Journal of Entomology Zoology Current
56 Australian Journal of Politics & History History & Archaeology Current
57 Australian Journal of Public Administration Politics Current


58 Basin Research Earth Sciences Current
59 Bioethics Philosophy Current
60 Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Ecology Current
61 Biometrics Statistics & Mathematics Current
62 Biotropica Ecology Current
63 Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society Ecology Current
64 British Journal of Educational Studies Education Current
65 British Journal of Educational Technology Education Current
66 British Journal of Industrial Relations Business & Management Current
67 British Journal of Management Business & Management Current
68 British Journal of Politics & International Relations, The Politics Current
69 British Journal of Sociology, The Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
70 British Journal of Special Education Education Current
71 Bulletin of Economic Research Economics Current
72 Bulletin of Latin American Research Development Studies Current
73 Business and Society Review Business & Management Current
74 Business Ethics: A European Review Business & Management Current
75 Business Strategy Review Business & Management Current


76 Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien, The Geography Current
77 Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics/Revue canadienne d'agroeconomie Economics Current
78 Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d'économique Economics Current
79 Centaurus History & Archaeology Current
80 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Psychology Current
81 Child Development Psychology Current
82 Cladistics Biology Current
83 Computational Intelligence Computing & IT Current
84 Computer Graphics Forum Computing & IT Current
85 Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Computing & IT Current
86 Conservation Environmental Science Current
87 Conservation Biology Environmental Science Current
88 Constellations Politics Current
89 Conversations in Religion and Theology Theology Current
90 Corporate Governance: An International Review Business & Management Current
91 Creativity and Innovation Management Business & Management Current
92 Critical Quarterly Art & Literature Current
93 Current Directions in Psychological Science Psychology Current
94 Curriculum Inquiry Education Current
95 Curtis's Botanical Magazine Plant Science Current


96 Decision Sciences Business & Management Current
97 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Business & Management Current
98 Developing World Bioethics Philosophy Current
99 Development and Change Development Studies Current
100 Development Policy Review Development Studies Current
101 Development, Growth and Differentiation Biology Current
102 Developmental Science Psychology Current
103 Dialog: A Journal of Theology Theology Current
104 Diplomatic History History & Archaeology Current
105 Disasters Development Studies Current
106 Diversity and Distributions Ecology Current


107 Early Medieval Europe History & Archaeology Current
108 Ecography Ecology Current
109 Ecological Entomology Entomology Current
110 Ecological Management & Restoration Ecology Current
111 Ecology Letters Ecology Current
112 Ecology of Freshwater Fish Ecology Current
113 Econometrica Ecology Current
114 Econometrics Journal,The Economics Current
115 Economic Affairs Economics Current
116 Economic History Review,The Economics Current
117 Economic Journal,The Economics Current
118 Economic Notes Economics Current
119 Economic Outlook Business & Management Current
120 Economic Policy Economics Current
121 Economic Record,The Economics Current
122 Economica Economics Current
123 Economics & Politics Economics Current
124 Economics of Transition Economics Current
125 Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice Education Current
126 Educational Philosophy and Theory Education Current
127 Educational Theory Education Current
128 English Literary Renaissance Education Current
129 Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata Entomology Current
130 Entomological Science Entomology Current
131 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice Business & Management Current
132 Environmental Microbiology Microbiology Current
133 EPPO Bulletin Microbiology Current
134 Ethology Zoology Current
135 European Financial Management Accounting & Finance Current
136 European Journal of Education Education Current
137 European Journal of Philosophy Philosophy Current
138 European Journal of Political Research Politics Current
139 European Journal of Soil Science Earth Sciences Current
140 European Law Journal Law Current
141 Evolution & Development Earth Sciences Current
142 Expert Systems Computing & IT Current


143 Family Business Review Business & Management Current
144 Family Court Review Law Current
145 Family Process Psychology Current
146 Family Relations Psychology Current
147 Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures Engineering Current
148 FEBS Journal Biochemistry, Cell Biology Current
149 Financial Accountability & Management Accounting & Finance Current
150 Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments Accounting & Finance Current
151 Financial Review,The Accounting & Finance Current
152 Fiscal Studies Accounting & Finance Current
153 Fish and Fisheries Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
154 Fisheries Management and Ecology Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
155 Fisheries Oceanography Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
156 Fisheries Science Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
157 Food Service Technology Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
158 Foreign Policy Analysis Politics Current
159 Forest Pathology Agriculture & Forestry Current
160 Freshwater Biology Ecology Current
161 Functional Ecology Ecology Current


162 Gender & History History & Archaeology Current
163 Gender, Work and Organization Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
164 Genes to Cells Biochemistry Current
165 Geofluids Earth Sciences Current
166 Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography Geography Current
167 Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography Geography Current
168 Geographical Analysis Geography Current
169 Geographical Journal,The Geography Current
170 Geographical Research Geography Current
171 Geology Today Earth Sciences Current
172 Geophysical Journal International Earth Sciences Current
173 Geophysical Prospecting Earth Sciences Current
174 German Economic Review,The Economics Current
175 German Life and Letters Economics Current
176 Global Change Biology Ecology Current
177 Global Ecology and Biogeography Ecology Current
178 Global Networks Politics Current
179 Governance Politics Current
180 Government and Opposition Politics Current
181 Grass and Forage Science Agriculture & Forestry Current
182 Grassland Science Agriculture & Forestry Current
183 Growth and Change Geography Current


184 Health Services Research Health & Social Care Current
185 Heythrop Journal,The Theology Current
186 Higher Education Quarterly Education Current
187 Historian,The History & Archaeology Current
188 Historical Research History & Archaeology Current
189 History & Archaeology History & Archaeology Current
190 History and Theory History & Archaeology Current
191 Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, The Law Current


192 Ibis Zoology Current
193 Indoor Air Architecture & Planning Current
194 Industrial Relations Journal Business & Management Current
195 Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society Business & Management Current
196 Information Systems Journal Computing & IT Current
197 Insect Molecular Biology Entomology Current
198 Insect Science Entomology Current
199 International Affairs Entomology Current
200 International Economic Review Politics Current
201 International Finance Economics Current
202 International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology Accounting & Finance Current
203 International Journal of Applied Linguistics Engineering Current
204 International Journal of Art & Design Education, The Education Current
205 International Journal of Auditing Accounting & Finance Current
206 International Journal of Clinical Practice General & Internal Medicine Current
207 International Journal of Consumer Studies Business & Management Current
208 International Journal of Dairy Technology Food Science Current
209 International Journal of Food Science and Technology Food Science Current
210 International Journal of Japanese Sociology Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
211 International Journal of Management Reviews Business & Management Current
212 International Journal of Nautical Archaeology History & Archaeology Current
213 International Journal of Selection and Assessment Business & Management Current
214 International Journal of Social Welfare Social Work & Soc Welfare Current
215 International Journal of Systematic Theology Theology Current
216 International Journal of Training and Development Business & Management Current
217 International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Geography Current
218 International Migration Development Studies Geography Current
219 International Review of Finance Accounting & Finance Current
220 International Social Science Journal Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
221 International Social Security Review Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
222 International Studies Perspectives Politics Current
223 International Studies Perspectives Politics Current
224 International Studies Quarterly Politics Current
225 International Transactions in Operational Research Business & Management Current
226 Invertebrate Biology Zoology Current
227 Island Arc Earth Sciences Current


228 Japanese Economic Review, The Earth Sciences Current
229 Japanese Psychological Research Psychology Current
230 JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies Politics Current
231 JDDG Dermatology Current
232 Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion Theology Current
233 Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour Psychology Current
234 Journal of Accounting Research Accounting & Finance Current
235 Journal of Advanced Nursing Nursing Current
236 Journal of Agrarian Change Development Studies Current
237 Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science Agriculture & Forestry Current
238 Journal of American Culture, The Cultural Studies Current
239 Journal of Analytical Psychology, The Psychology Current
240 Journal of Anatomy Anatomy Current
241 Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics Veterinary Science Current
242 Journal of Animal Ecology Ecology Current
243 Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition Zoology Current
244 Journal of Applied Corporate Finance Accounting & Finance Current
245 Journal of Applied Crystallography Chemistry Current
246 Journal of Applied Ecology Ecology Current
247 Journal of Applied Entomology Zoology Current
248 Journal of Applied Ichthyology Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
249 Journal of Applied Microbiology Microbiology Current
250 Journal of Applied Philosophy Philosophy Current
251 Journal of Avian Biology Ecology Current
252 Journal of Biogeography Ecology Current
253 Journal of Business Finance & Accounting Accounting & Finance Current
254 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, The Psychology Current
255 Journal of Chinese Philosophy Philosophy Current
256 Journal of Computer Assisted Learning Education Current
257 Journal of Consumer Affairs, The Business & Management Current
258 Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management Management Current
259 Journal of Ecology Ecology Current
260 Journal of Economic Surveys Economics Current
261 Journal of Economics & Management Strategy Business & Management Current
262 Journal of Educational Measurement Education Current
263 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies Economics Current
264 Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, The Microbiology Current
265 Journal of Evolutionary Biology Biology Current
266 Journal of Family Therapy Psychology Current
267 Journal of Finance, The Accounting & Finance Current
268 Journal of Financial Research, The Accounting & Finance Current
269 Journal of Fish Biology Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
270 Journal of Fish Diseases Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
271 Journal of Food Biochemistry Food Science Current
272 Journal of Food Lipids Food Science Current
273 Journal of Food Process Engineering Food Science Current
274 Journal of Food Processing & Preservation Food Science Current
275 Journal of Food Quality Food Science Current
276 Journal of Food Safety Food Science Current
277 Journal of Foodservice Food Science Current
278 Journal of Historical Sociology, The Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
279 Journal of Industrial Economics, The Economics Current
280 Journal of Integrative Plant Biology Plant Science Current
281 Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting Accounting & Finance Current
282 Journal of Law and Society Law Current
283 Journal of Legal Studies Education Law Current
284 Journal of Management Studies Business & Management Current
285 Journal of Marriage and Family Psychology Current
286 Journal of Metamorphic Geology Earth Sciences Current
287 Journal of Microscopy Microscopy Current
288 Journal of Muscle Foods Food Science Current
289 Journal of Personality Psychology Current
290 Journal of Philosophy of Education Education Current
291 Journal of Phycology Plant Science Current
292 Journal of Phytopathology Plant Science Current
293 Journal of Pineal Research Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology Current
294 Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities Economics Current
295 Journal of Political Philosophy, The Philosophy Current
296 Journal of Politics, The Political Science Current
297 Journal of Popular Culture, The Cultural Studies Current
298 Journal of Popular Music Studies Cultural Studies Current
299 Journal of Product Innovation Management Business & Management Current
300 Journal of Public Economic Theory Economics Current
301 Journal of Rapid Methods & Automation in Microbiology Food Science Current
302 Journal of Regional Science Geography Current
303 Journal of Religious Ethics Theology Current
304 Journal of Religious History Theology Current
305 Journal of Research in Reading Education Current
306 Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs Education Current
307 Journal of Research on Adolescence Psychology Current
308 Journal of Risk & Insurance Accounting & Finance Current
309 Journal of Sensory Studies Food Science Current
310 Journal of Sexual Medicine, The Medicine Current
311 Journal of Small Business Management Business & Management Current
312 Journal of Social Issues Psychology Current
313 Journal of Social Philosophy Philosophy Current
314 Journal of Sociolinguistics Language & Linguistics Current
315 Journal of Supply Chain Management, The Business & Management Current
316 Journal of Supreme Court History History & Archaeology Current
317 Journal of Texture Studies Food Science Current
318 Journal of the American Ceramic Society Engineering Current
319 Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, The Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
320 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society) Statistics & Mathematics Current
321 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology) Statistics & Mathematics Current
322 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics) Statistics & Mathematics Current
323 Journal of Time Series Analysis Statistics & Mathematics Current
324 Journal of Urban Affairs Development Studies Current
325 Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Science Current
326 Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics Veterinary Science Current
327 Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research Zoology Current


328 Kyklos Economics Current


329 LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations Economics Current
330 Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management Environmental Science Current
331 Language Learning Language & Linguistics Current
332 Law & Policy Law Current
333 Law & Society Review Law Current
334 Learning Disabilities Research & Practice Psychology Current
335 Letters in Applied Microbiology Microbiology Current
336 Literacy Education Current


337 Mammal Review Ecology Current
338 Management and Organization Review Business & Management Current
339 Manchester School, The Economics Current
340 Marine Ecology Aquaculture & Fish Sciences Current
341 Mathematical Finance Statistics & Mathematics Current
342 Medical and Veterinary Entomology Entomology Current
343 Metaphilosophy Philosophy Current
344 Metroeconomica Economics Current
345 Middle East Policy Politics Current
346 Midwest Studies In Philosophy Philosophy Current
347 Milbank Quarterly, The Health & Social Care Current
348 Milton Quarterly Art & Literature Current
349 Mind & Language Philosophy Current
350 Modern Language Journal, The Language & Linguistics Current
351 Modern Law Review, The Law Current
352 Modern Theology Theology Current
353 Molecular Ecology Ecology Current
354 Molecular Ecology Resources Ecology Current
355 Molecular Microbiology Microbiology Current
356 Molecular Plant Pathology Plant Science Current
357 Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development Psychology Current
358 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Astronomy Current
359 Museum International Art & Literature Current
360 Music Analysis Art & Literature Current
361 Muslim World,The Theology Current


362 Nations and Nationalism Politics Current
363 Natural Resources Forum Development Studies Current
364 Negotiation Journal Law Current
365 New Blackfriars Theology Current
366 New Perspectives Quarterly Politics Current
367 New Technology, Work and Employment Business & Management Current
368 Noûs Philosophy Current


369 Oikos Ecology Current
370 OPEC Energy Review Economics Current
371 Orbis Litterarum Art & Literature Current
372 Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics Economics Current
373 Oxford Journal of Archaeology History & Archaeology Current


374 Pacific Economic Review Economics Current
375 Pacific Philosophical Quarterly Philosophy Current
376 Palaeontology Earth Sciences Current
377 Papers in Regional Science Geography Current
378 Pastoral Care in Education Education Current
379 Peace & Change Politics Current
380 Personal Relationships Psychology Current
381 Personnel Psychology Psychology Current
382 Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik Economics Current
383 Philosophical Books Philosophy Current
384 Philosophical Forum, The Philosophy Current
385 Philosophical Investigations Philosophy Current
386 Philosophical Issues Philosophy Current
387 Philosophical Perspectives Philosophy Current
388 Philosophical Quarterly, The Philosophy Current
389 Philosophy & Public Affairs Philosophy Current
390 Photogrammetric Record, The Geography Current
391 Phycological Research Biology Current
392 Physiologia Plantarum Plant Science Current
393 Physiological Entomology Entomology Current
394 Plant Biotechnology Journal Agriculture & Forestry Current
395 Plant Breeding Agriculture & Forestry Current
396 Plant Journal,The Plant Science Current
397 Plant Pathology Plant Science Current
398 Plant Species Biology Plant Science Current
399 Plant, Cell and Environment Plant Science Current
400 Policy Studies Journal Politics Current
401 Political Psychology Psychology Current
402 Political Quarterly, The Politics Current
403 Political Studies Politics Current
404 Political Studies Review Politics Current
405 Politics Politics Current
406 Population and Development Review Development Studies Current
407 Presidential Studies Quarterly Politics Current
408 Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society Philosophy Current
409 Professional Geographer, The Geography Current
410 Psychological Science Psychology Current
411 Psychological Science in the Public Interest Psychology Current
412 Psychology of Women Quarterly Psychology Current
413 Psychophysiology Psychology Current
414 Public Administration Politics Current
415 Public Administration Review Politics Current
416 Public Budgeting & Finance Accounting & Finance Current
417 Public Money & Management Politics Current
418 Public Policy Research Politics Current


419 R&D Management Business & Management Current
420 Ratio Philosophy Current
421 Ratio Juris Law Current
422 Real Estate Economics Economics Current
423 Renaissance Studies History & Archaeology Current
424 Reproduction in Domestic Animals Veterinary Science Current
425 Restoration Ecology Environmental Science Current
426 Review of Agricultural Economics Economics Current
427 Review of Development Economics Economics Current
428 Review of Economic Studies, The Economics Current
429 Review of European Community & International Environmental Law Law Current
430 Review of Income and Wealth Economics Current
431 Review of International Economics Economics Current
432 Review of Policy Research Politics Current
433 Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies Development Studies Current
434 Reviews in Religion and Theology Theology Current
435 Revue Romane Economics Current
436 Risk Analysis Business & Management Current
437 Risk Management & Insurance Review Accounting & Finance Current
438 Russian Review,The Art & Literature Current


439 Scandinavian Journal of Economics, The Economics Current
440 Scandinavian Journal of Psychology Psychology Current
441 Scandinavian Journal of Statistics Statistics & Mathematics Current
442 Scandinavian Political Studies Politics Current
443 Scottish Journal of Political Economy Economics Current
444 Sedimentology Earth Sciences Current
445 Significance Statistics & Mathematics Current
446 Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography Geography Current
447 Sleep and Biological Rhythms Biology Current
448 Social Development Psychology Current
449 Social Policy & Administration Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
450 Social Science Quarterly Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
451 Sociologia Ruralis Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
452 Sociological Inquiry Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
453 Sociological Methodology Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
454 Sociological Quarterly, The Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
455 Sociological Review, The Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
456 Sociological Theory Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
457 Sociology of Health & Illness Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
458 Statistica Neerlandica Statistics & Mathematics Current
459 Strain Engineering Current
460 Studia Linguistica Language & Linguistics Current
461 Studies in Applied Mathematics Statistics & Mathematics Current
462 Studies in Family Planning Sociology, Soc Pol & Anth Current
463 Support for Learning Education Current
464 Syntax Language & Linguistics Current
465 Systematic Entomology Entomology Current


466 Teaching Statistics Statistics & Mathematics Current
467 Teaching Theology and Religion Theology Current
468 Tellus A Environmental Science Current
469 Tellus B Environmental Science Current
470 Terra Nova Earth Sciences Current
471 Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie Geography Current
472 Traffic Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology Current
473 Transactions in GIS Geography Current
474 Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers Geography Current
475 Transactions of the Philological Society Language & Linguistics Current
476 Transboundary and Emerging Diseases Veterinary Science Current


477 Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia Veterinary Science Current
478 Veterinary and Comparative Oncology Veterinary Science Current
479 Veterinary Dermatology Veterinary Science Current
480 Veterinary Ophthalmology Veterinary Science Current
481 Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound Veterinary Science Current
482 Veterinary Surgery Veterinary Science Current


483 Weed Biology and Management Agriculture & Forestry Current
484 Weed Research Agriculture & Forestry Current
485 WorkingUSA Politics Current
486 World Economy, The Economics Current
487 World Englishes Language & Linguistics Current


488 Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education Education Current


489 Zoologica Scripta Ecology Current
490 Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society Ecology Current
491 Zoonoses and Public Health Veterinary Science Current
492 Zygon Theology Current
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