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  American Chemical Society
  Journal Title Beginning Volume Beginning Year End Year
    Accounts of Chemical Research vol.41(12) 1968 Current
    ACS Chemical Biology vol.3(12) 2006 Current
    ACS Nano vol.3(12) 2007 Current
    Analytical Chemistry vol.8(24) 1947 Current
    Biochemistry Chemistry vol.47(51) 1962 Current
    Bioconjugate Chemistry vol.19(6) 1990 Current
    Biomacromolecules Chemistry vol.9(12) 2000 Current
    Biotechnology Progress vol.24(6) 1990 Current
    Chemical & Engineering News vol.86(51) 1998 Current
    Chemical Research in Toxicology vol.21(12) 1988 Current
    Chemical Reviews vol.108(12) 1924 Current
    Chemistry of Materials vol.20(26) 1989 Current
    Crystal Growth & Design vol.8(12) 2001 Current
    Energy & Fuels vol.22(6) 1987 Current
    Environmental Science & Technology vol.42(24) 1967 Current
    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research vol.47(26) 1987 Current
    Inorganic Chemistry vol.47(26) 1962 Current
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry vol.56(26) 1953 Current
    Journal of the American Chemical Society vol.130(51) 1879 Current
    Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data vol.53(6) 1959 Current
    Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling vol.48(6) 1975 Current
    Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry vol.10(6) 1999 Current
    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry vol.51(26) 1959 Current
    Journal of Natural Products vol.71(12) 1979 Current
    The Journal of Organic Chemistry vol.73(26) 1936 Current
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry A vol.112(51) 1997 Current
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry B vol.112(51) 1997 Current
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C vol.112(51) 2007 Current
    Journal of Proteome Research vol.7(12) 2002 Current
    Langmuir vol.24(26) 1985 Current
    Macromolecules vol.41(26) 1968 Current
    Molecular Pharmaceutics vol.5(6) 2004 Current
    Nano Letters vol.8(12) 2001 Current
    Organic Letters vol.10(26) 1999 Current
    Organic Process Research & Development vol.12(6) 1999 Current
    Organometallics vol.27(26) 1982 Current
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