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SL No. Author Title Department
1 MURTHY V.N.S. Advanced Foundation Engineering: Geotechnical Engineering Series Civil Engg.
2 CHING D.K. Building Construction Illustrated Civil Engg.
3 RAJU N.K. Design of Bridges Civil Engg.
4 RAJU N KRISHNA Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Civil Engg.
5 VICTOR D.J. Essentials of Bridge Engineering, 6e Civil Engg.
6 VERSHNEY, D.V. Estimating for Civil Engineers Civil Engg.
7 FANG H.Y. Foundation Engineering Handbook Civil Engg.
8 SRIDHARAN A., PRAKASH, K. Geotechnical Engineering Characterisation of Coal Ashes Civil Engg.
9 DESAI, ABEL Introduction to Finite Element A Numeric Method for Engineering Analysis Civil Engg.
10 SINGH, ALAM Modern Geotechnical Engineering Civil Engg.
11 MITTAL Pile Foundations Design and Construction Civil Engg.
12 SINGH, ALAM Soil Engineering in Theory and Practice Civil Engg.
13 SINGH, A Soil Engineering: In Theory & Practice Vol. 2: Geotechnical Testing & Instrumentation Civil Engg.
14 TIMOSHENKO S. Strength of Materials Part 1 Civil Engg.
15 MARIO PAZ Structural Dynamics Theory & Computation Civil Engg.
16 DL NELSON Textbook of Environmental Engineering Civil Engg.
17 SEHGAL S.B. Textbook of Soil Mechanics Civil Engg.
18 MURTHY VNS Textbook of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering: Geotechnical Engineering series Civil Engg.
19 RAO, M.N. Waste Water Treatment Civil Engg.
20 PARKER R., MORRIS, N., FAIR, F. N., BHATIA, S. C. Waste-Water Engineering Civil Engg.
M/s Emerald Publishing  
21 Grima, s., Boztepe, z, and Baldacchino P.J. Contemporary Issues in Audit Management and Forensic Accounting Commerce
22 Editor: Thomas G. Calderon Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations  Commerce
23 Author: Gaétan Breton A Postmodern Accounting Theory Commerce
24 Editor: Khondkar E. Karim Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research Commerce
25 Editor: Professor Cynthia Jeffrey Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting Commerce
26 Editor: David Y. Chan Continuous Auditing Commerce
27 Author: Francesco Bellandi Materiality in Financial Reporting Commerce
28 Editor: Timothy J. Rupert Advances in Accounting Education Commerce
29 Editor: Cheryl R. Lehman Accounting in Conflict: Globalization, Gender, Race and Class Commerce
30 Volume editor Kelum Jayasinghe The Public Sector Accounting, Accountability and Auditing in Emerging Economies Commerce
31 Series Editor: Timothy J. Rupert Advances in Accounting Education Teaching and Curriculum Innovations  Commerce
32 Editor: Catalin Albu  Accounting in Central and Eastern Europe Commerce
33 HUISMAN, JEROEN Theory and Method in Higher Education Research Education
34 AMANDA FRENCH Teaching Excellence in Higher Education Education
35 MATT BOWER Design of Technology-Enhanced Learning Education
36 BUNNELL   TRISTAN International Schooling and Education in the ‘New Era’ Education
37 OBIAKOR FESTUS E. Special Education for Young Learners with Disabilities Education
38 VISVIZI ,ANNA The Future of Innovation and Technology in Education: Policies and Practices for Teaching and Learning Excellence Education
39 LANDRUM TIMOTHY J. Emerging Research and Issues in Behavioral Disabilities Education
40 POLGAR ,MICHAEL Holocaust and Human Rights Education Education
41 ALTMANN, ANDREAS The Disruptive Power of Online Education Education
42 Sutterby, John A. Early Childhood and Special Education Education
43 Shapira Lishchinsky, Orly International Aspects of Organizational Ethics in Educational Systems Education
44 Wankel, Charles Integrating Curricular and Co-Curricular Endeavors to Enhance Student Outcomes Education
45 Rotatori, Anthony F. Special Education International Perspectives: Biopsychosocial, Cultural, and Disability Aspects Education
46 Author: Howard Thomas  Inclusive Growth Commerce
47 Author: Indranarain Ramlall The Banking Sector Under Financial Stability Commerce
48 Editor: M. Kabir Hassan Management of Islamic Finance: Principle, Practice, and Performance Commerce
49 Editor: Stephen P. Ferris International Corporate Governance and Regulation Commerce
50 Editor: William A. Barnett Banking and Finance Issues in Emerging Markets Commerce
51 Author: Xin Guo Multinational Companies in China Commerce
52 Series Editor: J. Richard Aronson Contemporary Issues in Bank Financial Management Commerce
53 Editor: Michele Andreaus Accountability and Social Accounting for Social and Non-Profit Organizations Commerce
54 Editor: Bang Nam Jeon Global Banking, Financial Markets and Crises Commerce
55 Editor: John W. Kensinger Research in Finance Commerce
56 Editor: Mark Hirschey   Issues in Corporate Governance and Finance Commerce
57 Volume editor Mark Hirschey Corporate Governance Commerce
58 Author: Fermin Diez Fundamentals of HR analytics Management
59 Editor: Stanislav Ivanov Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Service Automation in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management
60 Author: Lee Wilson 30-Minute Website Marketing Management
61 Author: Nitin Upadhyay Transforming Social Media Business Models Through Blockchain Management
62 Authors: Jiju Antony The Ten Commandments of Lean Six Sigma Management
63 Author: Dr Baruch Gottlieb Digital Materialism Sociology
64 Author: Chris Brown How Social Science Can Help Us Make Better Choices Sociology
65 Editor: Timothy Rutzou Critical Realism, History, and Philosophy in the Social Sciences Sociology
66 Author: Francesca Comunello Social Media in Earthquake-Related Communication Sociology
67 Editor: Marcia Texler Segal Gender and Practice: Knowledge, Policy, Organizations Sociology
68 Editor: Elizabeth Mitchell Armstrong  Reproduction, Health, and Medicine, Volume 20 Sociology
69 Author: Dominic Garcia Rethinking Ethics Through Hypertext Sociology
70 Editor: Ramesh Chandra Das The Impacts of Monetary Policy in the 21st Century Economics
M/S Cambridge University Press  
71 Gracz Value of Failure Business Admn.
72 Meyer Rethinking Performance Measurement Business Admn.
73 Oded Goldreich Foundations Of Cryptography Computer Science & Engg
74 Athar, M. Sajjad; Singh, S. K. The Physics of Neutrino Interactions Physics
75 Ramadevi, Pichai and Debey, Varun Group Theory for Physicists: With Applications Physics
76 O'Toole, Jr/Meier Public Management Business Admn.
77 Bottger Leading in the Top Team Business Admn.
78 Hess/Cameron Leading with Values Business Admn.
79 Flamholtz/Randle Leading Strategic Change Business Admn.
80 Sparrow/Scullion/Tarique Strategic Talent Management Business Admn.
81 Williamson, David P. & Shmoys, David B. The Design of Approximation Algorithms Computer Science & Engg
82 Shai Ben-David And Shai Shalev-Shwartz Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory To Algorithms Computer Science & Engg
83 Oded Goldreich Computational Complexity: A Conceptual Perspective Computer Science & Engg
84 Ghatak, Ajoy Kumar and Thyagarajan, K. Optical Electronics Physics
85 Burton/DeSanctis/Obel Organizational Design Business Admn.
86  Ron Roth Introduction To Coding Theory Computer Science & Engg
87 Vera Pless And W. Cary Huffman Fundamentals Of Error-Correcting Codes Computer Science & Engg
88 San Ling, Chaoping Xing Coding Theory: A First Course Computer Science & Engg
89 Richard Blahut Algebraic Codes For Data Transmission Computer Science & Engg
M/s Oxford University Press  
90 Nandy An Ambiguous Journey to the City Social Work
91 Colman Film Theory Mass Comm. & Jnl.
92 Hertz Single by Chance Mothers by Choice Social Work
93 Montanari Italian Identity in the Kitchen, or Food and the Nation Social Work
94 M. Delgado Social Work Practice in Nontraditional Urban Settings Social Work
95 A.R. Stiffman The Field Research Survival Guide Social Work
96 T. Tripodi et al International Social Work Research Social Work
97 Berkowitz The Winemaker's Hand Social Work
98 Vega et al The Kitchen as Laboratory Social Work
99 Kaur Since 1947 Social Work
100 Blonsky The Dropout Prevention Specialist Workbook Social Work
101 M. Delgado et al Youth-Led Community Organizing Social Work
102 Sonnevend Stories Without Borders Social Work
103 Chávez Border Lives Social Work
104 Scrinis Nutritionism Social Work
105 Abell et al Developing and Validating Rapid Assessment Instruments Social Work
106 Mouritsen et al Umami Social Work
107 Cederlöf Founding an Empire on India's North-Eastern Frontiers, 1790-1840 Cultural Studies
108 DeSoucey Contested Tastes Social Work
109 Watkins et al Mixed Methods Research Social Work
110 Garvin et al Group Work Research Social Work
111 Dattalo Determining Sample Size Social Work
112 Drisko et al Content Analysis Social Work
113 R.J. Chaskin et al Research for Action Social Work
114 Farmer et al Research with Diverse Groups Social Work
115 Bronson et al Finding and Evaluating Evidence Social Work
116 Saini et al Systematic Synthesis of Qualitative Research Social Work
117 Dasgupta Displacement and Exile Social Work
118 Meeker Sounding Out Heritage Cultural Studies
119 Oktay Grounded Theory Social Work
120 Palinkas et al Translation and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice Social Work
121 Clark The Parent App Social Work
122 Kuchinskaya The Politics of Invisibility Social Work
123 Longhofer et al Qualitative Methods for Practice Research Social Work
124 Hoefer Policy Creation and Evaluation Social Work
125 E.A. Danto Historical Research Social Work
126 J.H. Littell et al Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis Social Work
127 Rumbaut Ethnicities Social Work
128 Cross Schopenhauer's Encounter with Indian Thought Cultural Studies
129 K.C. Faller Interviewing Children about Sexual Abuse Social Work
130 Delgado et al Asset Assessments and Community Social Work Practice Social Work
131 Phillips Shaping Jazz Social Work
132 Robinson Café Culture in Pune Social Work
133 Datta On Uncertain Ground Social Work
134 Gollerkeri et al Migration Matters Social Work
135 Baglioni et al Social Innovation and Social Policy Social Work
136 Jeffrey et al Being Muslim in South Asia Social Work
137 Hershatter The Gender of Memory Cultural Studies
138 Zehmisch Mini-India Social Work
139 Damousi et al Psychoanalysis and Politics Social Work
140 J. Heymann Forgotten Families Social Work
141 Robertson Managing community practice Social Work
142 Stein et al Spin Glasses and Complexity Social Work
143 Gallo The Fall of Gods Social Work
144 Suárez-Orozco Writing Immigration Social Work
145 Varughese Contested Knowledge Social Work
146 Ho Citizens in Motion Social Work
147 Ong Buddha Is Hiding Social Work
148 COOPER The Classrooms All Young Children Need Education
149 KOHLSTEDT Teaching Children Science Education
150 Evans Contested Reproduction Social Work
151 Aitken Realist Film Theory and Cinema Mass Comm. & Jnl.
152 Inguscio, M…[et al.] Atomic Physics Physics
153 Rogers Cinematic Appeals Mass Comm. & Jnl.
154 Soneji Unfinished Gestures Cultural Studies
155 A. D'Costa et al The Land Question in India Cultural Studies
156 Strand An Unfinished Republic Cultural Studies
157 M. Delgado Community Social Work Practice in an Urban Context Social Work
158 Broad More Than Just Food Social Work
159 Chatterji et al Majoritarian State Cultural Studies
160 Gouda Social Capital and Local Water Management in Egypt Social Work
161 Bhagwati et al India's Reforms Cultural Studies
162 M. Rademacher et al Ecologies of Urbanism in India Cultural Studies
163 Milner Davis et al Humour in Chinese Life and Culture Cultural Studies
164 M.A. Mason et al Mothers on the Fast Track Social Work
165 Mejias Off the Network Social Work
166 Griffiths et al Refugee community organisations and dispersal Social Work
167 Rothman A Bun in the Oven Social Work
168 U. A. Segal et al Immigration Worldwide Social Work
M/s Pearson India Education                                  User Id:TezpurUniversity     Pass Word:Library@1994    
169 Mukherjee Organizational Change and Development Business Admn.
170 Webb Leading Constant Change Business Admn.
171 Sheth, Tejpal Business Law Commerce
172 C Vijayakumari Mathematics-I, 1e App. Math. Engg.
173 Charles J. Krebs Ecology, 6e Sixth Edition (Paperback) Environmental Science
174 Rabiner, Lawrence & Schafer,Ronald Theory And Applications Of Digital Speech Processing Computer Science & Engg
175 Van den Berg Key Management Models Business Admn.
176 Beck, Leland L. & Manjula, Dhanabalachandran System Software An Introduction To Systems Programming Computer Science & Engg
177 Elmasri, Ramez and Navathe, Shamkant B. Fundamentals of Database Systems Computer Science & Engg
178 Mano,  M. Morris Digital Logic and Computer Design Computer Science & Engg
179 Mazidi, Muhammad Ali The 8051 Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems Computer Science & Engg
180 Jaffrey C. Jackson  Web Technologies: A Computer Science Perspective Computer Science & Engg
181 Tan, Pang-Ning [et al.] Introduction To Data Mining Computer Science & Engg
182 William Stallings Operating Systems: Internals And Design Principles Computer Science & Engg
183 Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (4th Edition) Computer Science & Engg
184 Das, Vijayakumari Engineering Mathematics App. Math. Engg.
185 Date, C. J;  Kannan, A. & Swamynathan, S. An Introduction to Database Systems Computer Science & Engg
186 Gary Nutt Operating Systems: A Modern Perspective Computer Science & Engg
187 Huheey, James E.; Keither, Ellen A.; Keither, Richard L. Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity App. Math. Engg.
188 Marr Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Business Admn.
189 Quatieri, Thomas F. Discrete-Time Speech Signal Processing: Principles and Practice Computer Science & Engg
190 Kalpakjian, Serope; and Schmid, Steven Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Mechnical Engg.
191 Walpole, Ronald E... [et al.] Probability & Statistics For Engineers & Scientists Computer Science & Engg
192 Holloway The business of tourism Business Admn.
193 Cook, Roya. : Hsu, Cathy H. C.: Taylor, Lorraine Tourism : the business of hospitality and travel, Global Edition Business Admn.
194 Jense J. R Remote Sensing of the Environment – An earth resource perspective., 2013 Environmental Science
195 Hall  Tourism Planning : policies, processes and relationships Business Admn.
196 Egan Relationship marketing Business Admn.
197 Writz, Jochen: Lovelock, Christopher H. : Lovelock, Christopher H. Essentials of services marketing, global edition Business Admn.
198 Sedgewick, Robert Algorithms In C++ Part 5: Graph Algorithms Computer Science & Engg
199 Floyd, Thomas L. Digital Fundamentals Computer Science & Engg
200 Haykin, Simon O. Neural Networks And Learning Machines Computer Science & Engg
M/s PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.  
203 KONDALKAR, V. G. Organization Effectiveness and Change Business Admn.
204 Mall, Rajib Fundamentals of Software Engineering  Computer Science & Engg
205 Sharan, Vyuptakesh International financial management Business Admn.
208 Narayanaswamy, R. Financial accounting: a managerial perspective Business Admn.
209 Bhattacharyya, Asish K. Essentials of financial accounting Business Admn.
210 Sandeep Goel Financial markets, institutions and services Business Admn.
M/s SAGE Publications India   
211 Jasodhara Bagchi Interrogating Motherhood Cultural Studies
212 Pramod K Nayar Seeing Stars Cultural Studies
213 Derek Bose Brand Bollywood Cultural Studies
214 Sunil Saxena Headline Writing Mass Comm. & Jnl.
215 J V Vilanilam Mass Communication in India Mass Comm. & Jnl.
216 Linje Manyozo Media, Communication and Development Mass Comm. & Jnl.
217 Sanjay Kumar Indian Youth and Electoral Politics Cultural Studies
218 Navina Jafa Performing Heritage Cultural Studies
219 Ajay Gehlawat Reframing Bollywood Cultural Studies
220 Ammu Joseph Whose News? Mass Comm. & Jnl.
221 Rajinder Kumar Dudrah Bollywood Cultural Studies
222 Zoya Hasan Politics and the State in India Cultural Studies
223 Sevanti  Ninan Headlines From the Heartland Mass Comm. & Jnl.
224 Pramod K Nayar Packaging Life Cultural Studies
225 Geetanjali Misra Sexuality, Gender and Rights Cultural Studies
226 Peter Gonsalves  Clothing for Liberation Mass Comm. & Jnl.
227 Tariq Hasan Colonialism and the Call to Jihad in British India Cultural Studies
228 Nalini Ranjan  21st Century Journalism in India Mass Comm. & Jnl.
229 Kenneth Keniston IT Experience in India Mass Comm. & Jnl.
230 Sanjukta Dasgupta Media, Gender, and Popular Culture in India Cultural Studies
231 Meraj Ahmed Mubarki Filming Horror Cultural Studies
232 Kausik Bandyopadhyay Sport, Culture and Nation Cultural Studies
233 Susan Visvanathan Readings in Indian Sociology            Cultural Studies
234 Anindita N. Balslev On India Cultural Studies
235 Nalini Ranjan  Practising Journalism Mass Comm. & Jnl.
236 Robyn Andrews Christmas in Calcutta Cultural Studies
237 Jasbir Jain Indigenous Roots of Feminism Cultural Studies
238 Gerald Studdert-Kennedy Providence and the Raj Cultural Studies
239 Kamala Ganesh Culture and the Making of Identity in Contemporary India Cultural Studies
240 Neluka Silva The Gendered Nation Cultural Studies
241 Jasveen Jairath Droughts and Integrated Water Resource : Issues, Alternatives and Futures Management in South Asia Environmental Science
242 Anu Aneja Embodying Motherhood Cultural Studies
243 Christine Deftereos Ashis Nandy and the Cultural Politics of Selfhood Cultural Studies
244 Partha Pratim Basu Locating Cultural Change Cultural Studies
245 Vinod Pavarala Other Voices Mass Comm. & Jnl.
246 Sumi Krishna Feminists and Science Cultural Studies
247 V. K. Cherian India’s Film Society Movement Cultural Studies
248 Sukalpa Bhattacharjee Society, Representation and Textuality Cultural Studies
249 Aysha Iqbal Viswamohan Behind the Scenes Cultural Studies
250 Nita Mathur Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity Cultural Studies
251 S Balaram Thinking Design Mass Comm. & Jnl.
252 Jyoti Mohan Claiming India Cultural Studies
253 Sarit K. Chaudhuri Fieldwork in South Asia Cultural Studies
254 Sanjay Srivastava Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes Cultural Studies
255 V. Eshwar Anand A Handbook of Journalism Mass Comm. & Jnl.
256 Mridula Mukherjee Peasants in India's Non-Violent Revolution Cultural Studies
M/s Springer Nature India   
257 Peter Duffy and Elinor Vettraino Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed Mass Comm. & Jnl.
258 Friedrich L. Bauer. Entzifferte Geheimnisse: Methoden Und Maximen Der Kryptologie  Physics
259 Peddie, Jon Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live Physics
260 BARRETT, BEVERLY. Globalization and Change in Higher Education Education
261 SMEYERS, PAUL Educational Research: Ethics, Social Justice, and Funding Dynamics Education
262 ADESOPE, OLUSOLA O. Contemporary Technologies in Education Education
263 Chen, Francis F. Introduction to Plasma Physics Physics
264 LEPPINK, JIMMIE Statistical Methods for Experimental Research in Education and Psychology Education
265 Shankar, R. Principles of Quantum Mechanics Civil Engg.
266 Mohapatra, Rabindra N. Unification and Supersymmetry: The Frontiers of Quark-Lepton Physics Computer Science & Engg
267 Mark De Berg, Otfried Cheong, Marc Van Kreveld, Mark Overmars Computational Geometry: Algorithms And Applications Computer Science & Engg
268 John Vince Geometric Algebra: An Algebraic System For Computer Games And Animation Computer Science & Engg
269 Christof Paar, Jan Pelzl Understanding Cryptography: A Textbook For Students And Practitioners Computer Science & Engg
270  Jeffrey Hoffstein An Introduction To Mathematical Cryptography Computer Science & Engg
271 Song Y. Yan And Martin E. Hellman Number Theory For Computing Computer Science & Engg
272 Jacobus Hendricus Van Lint Introduction To Coding Theory Computer Science & Engg
273 Viggo Kann, Giorgio Ausiello, Pierluigi Crescenzi, Giorgio Gambosi, Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela, Marco Protasi Complexity And Approximation: Combinatorial Optimization Problems And Their Approximability Properties Computer Science & Engg
274 Chaudhuri P.P., Ghosh S., Dutta A., Choudhury S.P. A New Kind of Computational Biology Cellular Automata Based Models for Genomics and Proteomics Computer Science & Engg
275 KANWAR V. S. AND SANJAY KUMAR SHUKLA S. K. Sustainable Civil Engineering Practices: Select Proceedings of ICSCEP 2019 Computer Science & Engg
276 James A. Kent  Kent and Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology Chem. Sciences
M/s Taylor & Francis (India)  
277 Wass, Melissa Citizen Journalism Mass Comm. & Jnl.
278 Caple, Helen Photojournalism Disrupted Mass Comm. & Jnl.
279 Shanahan, Marie K. Journalism, Online Comments, and Future of Public Discourse Mass Comm. & Jnl.
280 Hermida, Alfred Data Journalism and the Regeneration of News Mass Comm. & Jnl.
281 Ward, Stephen J A Disrupting Journalism Ethics Mass Comm. & Jnl.
282 Alburger, James The Art of Voice Acting  Mass Comm. & Jnl.
283 Alfred Menezes, Paul Van Oorschot, And Scott Vanstone Handbook Of Applied Cryptography Computer Science & Engg
284 Navas, Eduardo Art, Media Design, and Postproduction Mass Comm. & Jnl.
285 Bosworth, Melissa Crafting Stories for Virtual Reality Mass Comm. & Jnl.
286 Mutibwa, Daniel H. Cultural Protest in Journalism, Documentary Films and the Arts Mass Comm. & Jnl.
287 Franklin, Bob Digital Journalism Studies Mass Comm. & Jnl.
288 Falk, Ben Entertainment Journalism Mass Comm. & Jnl.
289 Kemp, Jonathan Film on Video Mass Comm. & Jnl.
290 Greenwood, Sue Future Journalism Mass Comm. & Jnl.
291 Susi, Mart Human Rights Law and Regulating Freedom of Expression in New Media Mass Comm. & Jnl.
292 Avieson, Bunty Mediating Memory Mass Comm. & Jnl.
293 Hill, Steve Mobile-First Journalism Mass Comm. & Jnl.
294 Eldridge KK, Scott A. Online Journalism from the Periphery Mass Comm. & Jnl.
295 Harris, Usha Sundar Participatory Media in Environment Communication Mass Comm. & Jnl.
296 O' Hair, H Dan Risk and Health Communication in an Evolving Media Environment Mass Comm. & Jnl.
297 Daly, Christopher B. The Journalist's Companion Mass Comm. & Jnl.
298 Stewart, Peter The Live-Streaming Handbook Mass Comm. & Jnl.
299 Jukes, Stephen Understanding Broadcast Journalism Mass Comm. & Jnl.
300 Lester, Paul Martin Visual Ethics Mass Comm. & Jnl.
301 Giulia Battaglia Documentary film in India: an anthropological history Mass Comm. & Jnl.
302 Paul Marsden Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to go it alone and launch your dream digital  project Mass Comm. & Jnl.
303 Joe Glyda Food photography: creating appetizing images Mass Comm. & Jnl.
304 Jones, A. M. Environmental Biology Environmental Science
305 Wilson, Yumi The Social Media Journalist Handbook Mass Comm. & Jnl.
306 Chimbel, Aaron Why I'm a Journalist Mass Comm. & Jnl.
307 Trujillo, Tammy Writing and Reporting News You Can Use Mass Comm. & Jnl.
308 Montgomery, Robb Smartphone Video Storytelling Mass Comm. & Jnl.
309 Hobbs, Rene The Routledge Companion to Media Education, Copyright, and Fair Use Mass Comm. & Jnl.
310 Bell F.G Geological Hazards: Their Assessment, Avoidance & Mitigation, Environmental Science
M/s McGH Publishing  
311 Burton, David Elementary Number Theory Math. Sciences
313 Singh Probability and Statistics (GTU) App. Math. Engg.
314 Kar Engineering Mathematics-II (MAKAUT-2020) App. Math. Engg.
315 ULRICH Product Design and Development EB Design
317 GODBOLE WEB TECHNOLOGIES  Computer Science & Engg
318 Martin, John Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation Computer Science & Engg
321 Subramanyam & Sudershan Financial Statement Analysis Commerce
322 Bivins, Thomas Public Relations Writing: The Essentials of Style and Format Mass Comm. & Jnl.
323 Brealey, Richard Principles of Corporate Finance Commerce
324 Revsine, Lawrence Financial Reporting and Analysis Commerce
325 Hanif Financial reporting and Financial Statement Analysis Commerce
326 Hanif Fundamentals of Corporate Accounting Commerce
329 Khan & Jain Management Accounting Commerce
331 Tulsian Principles & Practice of Accounting for CA-Foundation Commerce
332 Hanif Modern Accountancy Vol-2 Commerce
333 Hanif Modern Accountancy-Vol-1 Commerce
335 Khan Indian Financial System Commerce
336 Bapat Financial Accounting Commerce
337 CHANDRA Corporate Valuation,2E Commerce
340 Krishan Lal Kapoor A Textbook of Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics And Chemical Equilibrium (SI Unit), 5e, Volume 2 App. Math. Engg.
341 Kapoor, K L A Textbook of Physical Chemistry - Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy | Volume 4, 6th Edition App. Math. Engg.